Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So thankful for this face!!!!

What a blessed year this has been for us. We welcomed a HEALTHY, FULL TERM baby girl in April. We have wonderful supportive families, jobs, 2 crazy cats, friends who are on the same life path as us, a house, and most importantly a forgiving God.

Now that I have a baby, it almost feels as though I am experiencing holidays for the first time all over again. Seeing everything through her eyes is sooo much fun!!! I am enjoying establishing holiday traditions! Some I grew up with, and some will be our own!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (a day late oops!)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

She makes eating so cute!

I could just watch her eat all day. She is so cute! It takes her like 15 minutes to completely eat one of her baby mummums. She makes sure to get every last little crumb with those chubby little fingers! She is such a big girl! I'm trying to get better at taking pictures with my camera without the flash.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 months!

Well, she's 7 months old!!! 7 months has been such a fun stage! Gone are the days of her sitting quietly in the chair not touching her sign. I was so focused on the sign I forgot to put Mr Beeps in the chair! Reese Elizabeth, this is what you are all about at 7 months...

weight: 18ish lbs

diaper size: 2 (size 4 overnight at night)

clothes: 6-12 months

teeth count: 0

1 long morning and 1 long afternoon nap each day with an occassional catnap in the car

Sleep from 8 pm-7 am

You are happy happy happy!!!! You often get comments like "Is she always this happy???" People comment on the open mouth smile you make all the time!

You take 4 six oz bottles throughout the day with an 8 oz bottle before bed.

You are getting better with your sippy cup. Although you like to act like you can't hold it yourself and then i will walk away and look back and you're holding it by yourself! Stinker!

You are babbling all the time!!! You say bababa, mamama, and puh puh all day long. Those are the main sounds you make. You have said dede a few times too. You also make this really funny sound. I call it velociraptor and your daddy calls it hawk noise. Either way it is pretty funny and you do it when you are excited! You also fake cough!

We took you to church for the first time! We kept you in the service with us for the music and then went and sat in the cry room b/c you were screaming for joy! We checked out the nursery and will take you there next time!

You have started to throw fits! It is mainly when I take something away that you think you need. We were at Hobby Lobby the other day and in like 5 seconds you disintegrated the paper that was holding a bow I let you hold. I took it away and your daddy heard you screaming from across the store! You can tell I took away the "7 month" sign in the picture below...

You love it when people feed you water from a straw.

You finally rolled over! Both ways! It took awhile for your daddy and I to both see it though. You sleep on your back and one day I heard you fussing during your nap and looked on the monitor and you were on your belly! You are a pro at belly to back. When we place you on your belly you immediatly roll to your back. Now you really have a say when it comes to tummy time!

We have entered the wonderful world of solids. So far you have tried rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, banana, yogurt, and baby mummums. It took you awhile to get the hang of it and we even had to take like a week break and pick it up. We are feeding you twice a day, usually when you wake up from your naps. I had difficulty figuring out when the best time of day to feed you was. You like all of the above except squash. You will gag and spit it out every single time. Your first taste of sweet potatoes was the same but you grew to love them! I have been making everything myself so far and was surprised at how easy and cheap it is.

First bite of sweet potatoes...

Hated them!!!

We gave her banana real quick!

She is getting better though!

You now notice the garage door going up when Daddy gets home. You will stop what you are doing and look at me and then look at the door. When Daddy walks in you get so excited and breathe really fast and wave your arms! It is sooo sweet!

Obsessions: my keys, tags, paper, Jack and Lilly

Dislikes: Getting clothes changed and face wiped

On Halloween we took you to the Ft Worth Zoo! Andrew has been dreaming of taking you since you were born, and it was finally the perfect weekend! The weather was amazing and we got there before the crowds! Other than her dumping an entire cup of barbeque sauce on yourself (actually it was pretty funny) the day was perfect!

You attended several birthday parties this past month! At Kaylin's party, you sat with the big kids during story time! I could have cried!

You and Carson were dressed as twinkies at the party!

You were quite the model this past month! You had your picture taken for the new art in Labor and Delivery at Presby! In fact, 2 of your pictures were chosen!!! Now I can walk by your picture every day at work! You also modeled the fall line for babies for my friend Casey's online baby boutique Designed for Babies. You had 21 outfit changes and you rocked it!

My your hair is RED! It continues to amaze me as it comes in redder and redder! You are also still rockin' the bald spot. Your eyes are the same color as your daddy's- brownish/greenish.

You are starting to stand better while holding onto something. You like to stand against your rocker in your nursery when one of the cats is in it and bang your little hands against it! We still have to hold onto you though b/c you will let go and go flying back!

You have been noticing that when you sleep you have your right arm under your back. It's very random!

You had so much fun at the pumpkin patch we took you to!

We cheered our Rangers on all month long. We got to go to 2 more games and watched the World Series at home! Your Grandpa lived out his dreams and got to go to 2 of the World Series games!

You get pretty bored with your toys! We have to do lots of reintroducing of them!

You like to get that bow I put on OFF about 5 minutes after it's on!

You went to the park with cousin Mack and swang on the swings on a beautiful fall day! This picture makes my heart happy. 2 precious babies swinging side by side!

You continue to love bath time. You are still in your baby tub although you sit up in it now. I have been trying to find one of those bath rings, but haven't had any luck yet.

You LOVE your books! You don't quite have the patience to let me read them to you yet though. You will listen for a few pages and then violently grab the book and eat it!

You visited the State Fair of Texas! You were a dream baby there and let us take you all over the fair for hours! We are going to take you every year!

We celebrated your Grandpa's birthday at our house. You helped him blow out the candles!

Reese we love you so so so much! We have never been happier than we are now with you. Thank you for giving us simple joy day after day!

Mommy Update:

  • Thanks to weight watchers I have now lost 18 lbs!!!!! Only 1 more to go before I reach my goal. I feel great and am wearing clothes I haven't worn in years. I even bought skinny jeans 2 sizes smaller than my pre-pregnancy jeans! I said I would NEVER wear skinny jeans too. Well I love them!
  • Pumping 4X a day. I was hoping to be done pumping in the next month or so but Reese has decided she will not drink a bottle with only frozen milk. So I have to do 2 oz frozen to 4 oz fresh. So the pumping will continue. What's 5 more months when you've already done 7? I keep reminding myself that I am very blessed to be able to provide this for her, and it could be taken away from me in an instant. Some nights I just HATE that pump though! But then I see how healthy she is and remember why I devote nearly 2 hrs a day to the pump!