Monday, April 28, 2008

Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails...

That's right it's a boy!!! Baby BOY Herrell is on his way! We found out last week that Aaron and Worth will be having a boy! We are so excited for them! We went out and celebrated at P. F. Changs! I can't wait to meet him in October!

April Showers

Well I had my first 2 showers and they were FANTASTIC!!! So much fun! I tried to enjoy and savor every second but they went by too fast! I'm guessing that is pretty much how the wedding is going to go! I have just been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of people who want to help and do so much for us! Here are some of my favorite pics in reverse order...sorry!

With my sister and Erin and Megan at the 2nd shower

With the mom's

After getting back from the first shower! WOW!!!

Mr Lilly helped and inspected every present himself.

The apron says Mrs. Herrell!

These sweet girls' mom used to babysit me when I was little, and I used to babysit them when they were tiny. They made Andrew and I a beautiful collage!

Coffeemaker! Andrew's fave present!

Fabulous foursome at this first shower!

With the sweet hostesses of the first shower

The awesome cake!

They have really started the house now! It is all ready for the slab to be poured and they are supposedly doing that today!!! We stopped by last week to check out the progress! It was a very stormy night!

pointing to the spray painted 1805 - our address!

Friday, April 18, 2008

We are blessed!

Sooo many good and exciting things going on right now and even more good things to look forward to!

Mexico was a B L A S T!!!! We had tons of fun celebrating James and Nancy's wedding! I had never been to the Riviera Maya, but I can tell you we will definitly be going back I took so many pictures! Here is a sample, my parents have dial up and I don't have time to do any more! :(

They broke ground on our house! The lot is cleared off and the form work is up. This week they finished the electrical wiring and plumbing and will be pouring the slab next week!

My dress arrived on Wednesday! I go next Tuesday for my first fitting! Which means I need to find my wedding shoes by that time! Ahhh! I just don't know what to get! I want comfort but I dont want to be flopping around in flip flops all night. What to do???

Andrew took his LAST architecture registration test last Sunday! We will probably find out Monday if he passed and he really feels like he did! I got him a really special present, and can't wait to give it to him! *hint* I have been trying to find once since Christmas and I finally did!

Monday (April 21) is Andrew and Aaron's (Fiance's twin) birthday, our 2 yr anniversary, AND the day we find out if Baby Herrell will be our niece or nephew! BIG DAY!!! We are all having dinner that night and will be giving them some cute gender specific clothes finally! The sonographer guessed boy at the 12 week sono, so we'll see!!!

I turned 25 a week ago Thursday! :) Fiance took me to dinner and got me my favorite flowers ~ tulips!

My FIRST shower is a week from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I'M BEYOND EXCITED!!!! And then my 2nd one is the day after that one! YAY!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

We met with the minister last night for the first time. He is @ First United Methodist Colleyville now, but will be coming back to perform our ceremony in Arlington! I just love him! I was sad to see him leave our church to go to Colleyville. Andrew really liked him too. Our session ended up being cut short due to impending hail, thunderstorms, and possible tornados! Just the usual this time of year in Texas! We had to book it across the parking lot to the car and head back to Dallas in record time to beat the storm! SCARY, but exciting!

Our engagement pics are next Wednesday!!!!

Wow! Lots of random, GOOD thoughts!