Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Decor 2009

It was sooooo much easier decorating this year with it being our 2nd year in our house. The only thing I added was these 2 little trees on our front entry table. The train is from my childhood. Starting the year I was born my mom and dad got me a new piece every year until it was complete! I'm so glad I have it today! The only picture missing is my Willow Tree nativity scene. I need to take a picture and add that!

When the cats are not busy climbing the tree and knocking the ornaments off, they like to lay all precious like underneath the tree. Don't be fooled though! It's an act!

Body Pillow Fight

We recently purchased a glorious body pillow for me. I'll admit I am sleeping so much better now with it.....except when someone beats me to it at night! ;)

Mommy Mobile and Texas Snow

This month is was time to finally trade the ol' 4 Runner in. My 3 year lease was finally up. I seriously felt like I just got this car! We decided to buy a used Sequoia to have long term! I was very reminiscent the day I gave it back though. This is the car my daddy helped me lease as my nursing school graduation present. I drove this car during the 3 year time span I got engaged, built a house, got married, and found out I was pregnant. It's amazing the memories that come back just b/c of a car you had during that time. But alas, it was time to move on. I did take some pictures of her last day in front of our house!

The morning after we bought the Sequoia, it snowed!!!! In Texas!!! Every year it never ceases to amaze me when it's in the 70's and then a few days later it's snowing! I am one of those horrible Texas Snow drivers. It was real fun driving the new car to my OB appointment later that morning...j/k. But we made it in one piece! Andrew was able to meet me at the appointment and we had a fun lunch date after that consisted of touring Reese's potential daycare at my work and Jason's Deli.

^^The new ride^^

The best part about my new ride??? THE SEAT WARMERS!!!!!! I'm so glad I got this car in December so I could use them!!!! We all know I will only be able to use these about 2 months out of the year!

25 weeks already???

Wow! 25 weeks have come and will be gone before we know it!!! It is really starting to fly by! Some highlights from the past few weeks...

  • I really started to notice much more regular movement from baby girl around 24 weeks. I can tell how she is laying most times when she kicks! She likes to alternate between cephalic and breech. She'll spend a few days head down and then flip to breech. It's so precious to feel those little feet kicking away in there!
  • I can now SEE her movements much more too! It's so cool to see her go to town in there!
  • My belly button is getting veeeery shallow. I am one of the many who thought it was cool to have a belly button ring back in the day. You can now see the bottom part of where the piercing was if that makes sense. I have never seen that before!
  • We registered at around 24 weeks. Aside from a minor breakdown in the bouncer aisle(I didn't know which one she would want the most!), we did pretty good!
  • Reese received her first package to our house! It was so fun seeing it addressed to Reese Elizabeth Herrell. My mom's precious friend who I call Aunt Kelly sent her a sweet pink and brown SOFT kitty with a little matching kitty lovey to go with it for Christmas. I think she will love them!
  • My 1 hr GTT is at my next appointment on the 28th. Which means I get to carb load over Christmas! I could not have timed that better!

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