Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taste of Addison

We took Reese to her first of many outdoor festivals last weekend! It was so fun! We met the other Herrells and the Morrows at Taste of Addison. We had a nice shady spot and enjoyed playing with the babies! Reese and Carson are only about 4.5 months apart and I can't wait to see them really interact! She layed on the blanket, had a bottle, took a nap, and then layed on the blanket and smiled for like an hour! So fun! She starting to enter a really fun stage! Andrew and I even got to walk around sans baby for a little bit and try some new food! That night Reese decided to drop her middle of the night feed and sleep from 9:30 to 5! She did it again the next night too! I retimed all her feedings on Sunday and that night she slept from 11-7! GO REESE!!! Babywise says that at 7 weeks they are capable of doing it and Reese is so gifted she slept through the night the DAY she turned 7 weeks!

Basking in the sun...

Playing with Carson...

With Mommy

Hanging out with Daddy

Reese and Daddy went with me to see Dr Bertrand! He couldn't believe how big she had gotten! She got a little pink shirt there that says "Dr Bertrand really delivers". So cute!

She is really good at falling asleep sitting up at the end of a feeding! Here is her and her daddy showing off their sleeping while sitting up skills!

She is such a little doll and we are having such a fun time with her! We are all flying to St Louis for Auntie Babs' internship graduation! Praying for a good first flight for Reese!

Reese in the Bumbo!

We have been putting Reese in the bumbo every day for a few minutes the last week or so! She is still pretty wobbly in it, but I think she enjoys her new view! She only tolerates it for about 5 minutes before she gets tired, but I think she is going to love it soon!

And she's done!

Can I just say how much I love dressing her every day! I can't wait for all her cute summer dresses to fit! And the bows oh my gosh they are so darn cute on her!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smiley Girl!

Reese and I decided to have a photo shoot today! Now she has been smiling since 6 days old (I swear! My mom even saw it! And it wasn't even one of those gas induced ones while they are sleeping!), but they are pretty hard to catch on camera. I've gotten a few on my iphone here and there. But lately she has been dishing them out more and more so I decided today I would catch them on a real camera! I didn't get out the big massive one, just the little point and shoot to get the job done. And she didn't dissapoint! I also wanted to showcase her cute outfit that fits now! Emily Reightler had it made for her and we love it!!!! Note the Texas size bow! LOVE IT!!!!

This girl never ceases to melt my heart! I can't believe she is mine!!!

Mother's Day 2010!

I had a perfect 1st Mother's Day!!! I couldn't have pictured it any better since I got to spend it with both our families! The day before Andrew planted 4 new knock-out rose bushes! We already have 1 that we planted right before Reese was born. We called it Reese's Rose bush. Now we have 5 in all! They will be so pretty when they all start blooming! Andrew gave me a very sweet card from him and Reese and a gorgeous diamond necklace! It is a beautiful cross with a diamond in it from good ole' James Avery! I was so surpised! He called it my mother's day/push present! Diamond is Reese and I's birth stone! Poor Andrew... But seriously it is so beautiful and very unexpected!

New rose bushes...

We loaded up and drove to Azle for a delicious lunch with the Herrell side. Aunt Amberly had the magic touch and was able to soothe Reese. We have the dreaded reflux right now and someone has not been happy after her feedings. :(

Mack hung out in his easy chair with a snack!

Grammee got in some loving with Reese.

Josh came over and said "Hi! What color are your eyes?" Too funny!

I love this family pic of us! Reese looks like a little doll!

Showing off her head holding skills!

Then we headed to Arlington to see my mom and dad! Reese gave her Nanny her present from William-Sonoma! She picked Nanny out some cupcake dessert plates in honor of us calling her our cupcake!

Nanny loved the plates of course!

Our 3 generation pic! It's just the 3 of us girls!

I had an amazing first mother's day! Thanks to everyone in my family for making me feel so special and loved!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A girl on the go!

Reese was a girl on the go the weekend of May 1! It was Megan's wedding weekend! I have been friend's with Erin and Megan literally since birth! Erin and I always say we've been friends since we were zero. 27 years is a long friendship!!! Megan called me one day last summer to ask me to be a bridesmaid. Of course I said YES and then surprised her with a little info of my own! I was 7 weeks pregnant and due April 2- one month before the wedding! These girls are my forever friends and practically my other sisters. I had been a little nervous about this weekend though since little Reese would be only 4 weeks old and I had so much involvement in the wedding! I knew everything would be great though b/c my family and Andrew are such a great support system! Andrew ended up having to go out of town for work during the week. Thank goodness my mom came to spend a few days with me to help get everything ready and so I wouldn't be by myself with Reese for 3 days straight! I am a lucky girl! We got so much accomplished and got ready for the big weekend!

Erin flew in from North Carolina on Tuesday and my mom, Reese, and I went over to help put programs together. Well actually my mom and Dege did the programs. Erin and I stared at Reese the whole time. It was so neat introducing Erin to Reese! I'm so lucky to have Erin. I mean how many people can you say you've been friends with for 27 years!

Reese just stared at Terry!

The Bridal Luncheon was so nice. This was the longest I had been away from from Reese. I fed her right before I left and then Babs and I headed out to Mansfield for the luncheon. I have to was nice to be out and about and have some me time! We had a delicious lunch and then headed off to manis/pedis. Oh it was heaven! I enjoyed the pampering thoroughly. It was pretty comical pumping in the car before the spa treatments. Abby was helping me!!! I was about to explode! Thank goodness for the car charger adapter!

Reese was in good hands back at my parent's house with Nanny and Unkie WiiWii. She got a bottle and hung out with them all afternoon!

Babs and I came back to the house so I could feed Reese, and then we headed off to the rehearsal at our church. Andrew had gotten to my parents by then so they all hung out with Reese while we rehearsed for the big day. Afterwards we were done we swung by the house to pick everyone up for the rehearsal dinner. I gave Reese a bottle real quick b/c there was no time to breastfeed her! It takes alot longer than with a bottle! So of course that meant I had to pump in the car! Poor Will and Andrew. There we are flying down I-30 with me pumping in the backseat! Abby had to help me again! She said at one point "This is a 2 person job!" Reese looks a little skeptical of the whole thing in this pic...

The rehearsal dinner was at Joe T Garcia's in Ft Worth. They have a private room called the Puertita that is so good for events like this!

Megs loving on Reese...

Now we are 5 girls instead of 4!

That night Reese blessed her mama by sleeping 5 hours straight! It couldn't have come at a better time! They had the nursery open for us on the big day, and it is right across from the bridal suite. It worked out perfectly. I just went back and forth between the 2 rooms. Reese came and hung out with all the girls for awhile too! Everyone just loved her!

Nanny and Babs hanging out with Reese while she naps...

Megan's beautiful hair!

Again it was SOOO nice to get some more pampering! We got our hair and makeup done! I liked my hair and it surprisingly stayed curled for a few days- so I didn't wash it until like Tues (shhh don't tell!)

Couples pic...

My very handsome date and my beautiful baby at the reception. We got a FAR corner table at the reception and just camped out. The food was GREAT!!! Most of the people at this wedding were at my wedding so we had a parade of people come by to see Reese for the 1st time! Seriously probably about 30 people came by! It was so fun showing her off! Everyone loved her! Another sweet thing was everyone was so complimentary towards me! I definitely don't feel "back to normal". Lots of sweet people said I looked like I hadn't even had a baby! It felt so good to hear that!

Gorgeous centerpieces...

The Cake Guys made another awesome cake!

Candy bar...

Babs and Will looking mighty nice!

Family pic...

This is what little miss did the whole reception! Once the loud music started playing we relocated her carrier to a different room that was kind of off the main room. I even tried to feed her again before we left and she wanted nothing to do with it it! She just wanted to sleep! And sleep she did the whole way home!

Hanging out in the bathroom before we left.

What a wonderful weekend! Congrats Megan and Jeff!!!

I didn't really know what to expect bringing a 4 week old baby to all the festivities, but I am proud to say that Reese Elizabeth did wonderful!!! She just fit right into our busy and hectic lifestyle. I guess she doesn't really have a choice does she?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daddy's 34th B-day!

We have LOTS of birthday's in April. So it was perfect that Reese was born in April too! This year we met the other Herrells and Tom and Kathy up at Casa Navarro for some yummy Mexican food. I also enjoyed my first strawberry margarita in a LONG time! Andrew said it was his best birthday yet! Reese slept right through dinner!