Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Days!!!

So today I decided the house needed to be cleaned....again. It's in pretty good shape, but I want it spotless for when we come home!!! Well a quick clean turned into me doing things in the kitchen like cleaning the TOP of the fridge and removing EVERYTHING from the countertops and re-arranging them all. Can we say nest much? So after the kitchen makeover I'm now sitting on the couch CONTRACTING! Big suprise. I still have to clean the hardwoods but I need to take a little rest first! Who knows if these will turn into labor contractions or just fade away like they always do. Husband is taking tomorrow off to spend the day with me and I think we are going to go see one last movie tonight! We go in tomorrow night at 2100 for some cervidil! WOO HOO!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 days!

3 days till we meet our girl face to face! I went to Kroger yesterday to fulfill my last few cravings of this pregnancy. I mean seriously when can you eat like this and have a good excuse? Only when you're pregnant! I will enjoy fruity pebbles and funfetti cupcakes all week long!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Looks like a due date baby!!!

The Scoop:

I'm now 2 cm dilated.

Dr B recommends an induction for Good Friday (which is my due date) since he will not be on call next week!

So we will have a baby by Friday if not sooner!!!

Watch her come tonight now that we have a plan! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

38 weeks and 5 days appt

Andrew once again came up to my work yesterday so we could go to hopefully one of our last prenatal appointments!!! It was a busy day on the unit and my ob office was equally busy. Our appointment was at 2:25 and I didn't even get to eat lunch until 2! My sweet husband went and sat in the waiting room by himself for 45 minutes and called me when they were ready to see me so I could get caught up on my work! It was so great seeing Dr B again! I told him I was so glad he was back and would hopefully get to deliver me! He said he checked to see if I was delivered yet when he got back!

The last time we saw him we were leaning towards an elective induction at 39 weeks. Since then I have been on the fence and having difficulty deciding what to do. I asked him to tell me what he thought I should do and to tell me as if I was a patient and not a patient who happens to be a nurse he works with. (He said he felt as though I was like a daughter to him...awwwww!) I have not dilated any more and in fact Reese isn't even in my pelvis yet!!! She is just swimming and floating away! He said if we were to induce there is a greater risk of complications resulting in a c-section. Now I honestly am not going to care which way she comes out. As long as it is the best way for her. But if I can avoid a c-section, then that would be nice! But I am not going to be dissapointed in my delivery either way. I have seen the pros and cons of both ways. I told him we were now leaning towards just waiting and seeing what will happen. He said he fully supported that decision. The only thing is I am getting very, very anxious about something happening to the baby between now and delivery. He said if I am ever worried I can have a sonogram just like that. There really is no reason for me to worry though. She is moving like crazy all the time. I guess I just know too much and have lots of thoughts in my head about all the bad things that can happen!!! I have found that I have had to trust God completely to help me overcome all the anxiety I get!!

Sooooo...we are going to play the waiting game and I am really excited about it! Last night we had some delicous Taco Bueno and called the fam to update them on everything. It's so nice being home with the hubby every night! Can I just say that I LOVE DAY SHIFT!!! My mom told us that she had been in a hit and run yesterday! She was getting off the highway and someone rear ended her and left!!!! Her camry is totaled and they just paid if off this month! So rude! I can't believe there are people in this world who can sleep at night after doing something like that! Thank goodness a lady who had witnessed the accident circled back around to check on my mom and make sure she was ok! She says she feels fine and is not hurt so that is the most important part.

After doing our taxes, we decided to purchase a sectional for our living room. This is the last piece of furniture we have been needing since building our house 2 yrs ago. We figured this would be a good time since we will be spending alot of time at home in the next few months. The sectional came tuesday and since then we have been playing around with it trying to figure out how it looks the best. We may trade in some pieces for a different configuration that works better. So until then I am not allowed to sit on it in case my water breaks!!!! So I brought some water proof pads home from the hospital last night so I can at least sit on those on the couch!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Busy!!!

Day shift is soooo great!!!! It is so wonderful being on a normal schedule for once!!! I will NEVER go back to night shift! We have been busy running around these last few weeks getting ready for baby Reese to be here any day!!! The house is spotless, laundry is kept up, nursery is done, and we are just patiently waiting! Enjoying these last few days just us! I feel like she could be here any day. For some reason I keep thinking this is the week. But I usually think that every day and then I go to bed and wake up and I'm still pregnant. She is feeling alot lower the past few days and I am definitely a contracting maniac. They have been every 10 minutes(sometimes 5!) since Friday. But they still don't hurt. There will be a painful one mixed in every now and then but nothing too crazy. I can't believe my stomach has stretched this much! No stretch marks yet. *crossing fingers* My feet feel like they have grown this past week and I can't wear any of my flats without being in pain. Thank goodness it warmed back up today so I can go back to flip flops! It snowed here in Texas several inches yesterday!!!!! We were glad she didn't decide to make her appearance during all that craziness! Andrew met me up at work on Friday and we ran down to the doctor for our appt (going every week now!). My dr was out of town on spring break all last week, but is back now. We will get to see him this Wednesday. Anyways, on Friday I was 1.5 cm dilated!!!! I go back in forth between wanting to go into labor myself and being induced next week. We will see what Dr B. says this Wed. I just can't believe this is the end!!! This is it! Life will change forever VERY soon! I got cancelled today so today would be a great day to get stuff done, but there is nothing to do!!! So I'm going to run up to Target and buy New Moon and put my feet up and RELAX!

A few nursery pics...

37 weeks...

38 weeks...

We are ready for you Reese and CANNOT WAIT to meet you!!! I just can't wait to see this little face!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Showered with Love again!

We were once again showered by sweet friends! Aaron and Worth Anne threw us a baby shower this past weekend! It was so fun!

Practicing with sweet little Carson! It's funny b/c a year and a half ago there were no babies in this group, and now there are many babies and 3 more on the way!


Since being off work the past 3 weeks, I have realized something: the joy of a routine. There is just no way to have a routine while you are working night shift. No way. So it has been nearly 3 years since I have had a routine. I like routines. My routine right now may be boring, but it is oh so nice to have. Here is what the past few weeks have been like. I wake up around 8, have breakfast, watch some tv and play on the laptop, take a shower and get ready, have some lunch, maybe run and errand or two, piddle around the house, work on the baby's room, make some dinner, Andrew comes home, eat dinner on the couch while watching the Olympics, talk about our day, and in bed by 10. Throw in something crazy like a Dr's appointment once a week and there is my routine! Routines are so nice. I'm thinking I'll still have some sort of a routine next week when I start DAY SHIFT FINALLY!!! Of course once the baby comes, any routine will be out the window! But we will eventually find our new routine together. I can't wait!

I will always associate the Vancouver Winter Olympics with the end of my pregnancy b/c we watched it literally every night!

I officially have an outie belly button! It's so funny to look at it. When I laugh it pokes out even more. Andrew thinks it's hilarious to poke. Me- not so much. It's sensitive!!! I also have had heartburn for the first time ever the past few weeks!!!

I had a Dr's appointment today. I got swabbed for GBS and he went ahead and checked me since I had no pants on ha! I am closed and about 50% effaced. Man, all those contractions and they didn't hardly do anything!!!! Hopefully I can work a few weeks and build up a few more PTO hours. I also signed my delivery consents and had some blood drawn. I think I've gained about 25 lbs so far. I go back this Friday to employee health to have a "return to work assessment" so I can start working again next week!

I can't believe we are 35 weeks!!! It has just flown by! We are almost done with the nursery, just a few little details here and there!

35 weeks