Friday, January 6, 2012

Reese Speak!

Here are some fun things Reese has been saying lately @ 21 months!

"Woah-Woah"- Grover

"Reesch"- Reese

"Mommysh Cockie" Mommy's coffee

She is putting an IE at the end of everything now i.e. sockie, footie, snackie, Jackie (jacket and our cat Jack)

"Willie!!!!"- our cat Lilly

"ahhyouu?"- where are you

"Nackie"- snack

"Ahhhh Nooooo!!"- oh no!

"Nigh Niiiightttt!" with the T really emphasized at the end. She says this when she is ready for bed, but also will say it randomly during the day when she wants me to put her in her crib so she can jump around. She has SO much fun doing this! She just stands there and jumps and rolls around for like 10 minutes and then is done!

"Icy"- ice cream

"peeeash?"- please

"ohnie"- Ernie

She has this funny jiberish language that she busts out pretty regulary. She was doing it at the park the other day every time she got to this certain step on the playground, she would lean over and just start yelling in jibberish, like she was scolding someone. But no one was there! I was cracking up!