Monday, April 28, 2008

April Showers

Well I had my first 2 showers and they were FANTASTIC!!! So much fun! I tried to enjoy and savor every second but they went by too fast! I'm guessing that is pretty much how the wedding is going to go! I have just been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of people who want to help and do so much for us! Here are some of my favorite pics in reverse order...sorry!

With my sister and Erin and Megan at the 2nd shower

With the mom's

After getting back from the first shower! WOW!!!

Mr Lilly helped and inspected every present himself.

The apron says Mrs. Herrell!

These sweet girls' mom used to babysit me when I was little, and I used to babysit them when they were tiny. They made Andrew and I a beautiful collage!

Coffeemaker! Andrew's fave present!

Fabulous foursome at this first shower!

With the sweet hostesses of the first shower

The awesome cake!

They have really started the house now! It is all ready for the slab to be poured and they are supposedly doing that today!!! We stopped by last week to check out the progress! It was a very stormy night!

pointing to the spray painted 1805 - our address!

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  1. Emily everything looks great!!!! so yummy and all .. and you made out like a bandit.. lol I couldn;t believe that was just from your first shower?!

    Congrats to Aaron and Worth on their baby boy!!!

    hope every upcoming events turn out great!

    Any more pics from Mexico?