Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Nurse's Week!!!

That's right, Happy Nurse's Week to all my favorite RN's out there!

Time is ticking down...the "big day" is now next month!!! It feels so weird to say that! I had my routine dental appt last week and bad news! My bridge that I've had for 7 yrs is on the outs! Long story short, it is compromising the health of my permanent teeth so this morning I had my first appt towards getting a new and updated bridge. I also jumped on a chance to whiten my teeth! This is my one and only short at whitening since you can't really whiten fake teeth! So I had 3 rounds of whitening (painful and awkward!) and then was numbed all over the top of my mouth. He then proceeded to literally break and drill the bridge out of my jaw! Oh it felt so weird! Thank goodness for novacaine! So after my new molds he put in some temporary veneers for the time being and in 2 weeks I'll have a brand new state of the art bridge! My teeth are so nice and white now, just in time for the wedding! This is pretty much robbing my savings account as each tooth is $947 and I need 4!!! :(

The house went from this one week...

To this a week later!!!!

The house looks like a HOUSE!!!!!!

My bridal portraits were really fun and easy and I can't wait to get them back next week. It was surreal to get all dressed up in the dress with hair in makeup in full effect! My practice bouquet that Betty made was gorgeous!!!!!

Trial Run hair

2 Year Anniversary Dinner @ Melting Pot!!! SO GOOD!!!!!

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  1. Just came across your blog - Just wanted to say THANK YOU for what you do...Without RNs like you, my baby boy wouldn't be here. (I'm loving your hair tryouts too!)