Saturday, October 31, 2009

100% GIRL!!!!

We got the confirmation we needed! It is REALLY a girl!!!! I'm so excited! Still working on parts of her name, but I'm thinking that will be finalized pretty soon. The important part is baby girl looked great on her sono and everything was as it should be. We were even able to sweet talk the doctor into giving us a little 4D sneak peak at her face. He said "Now it might look a little scary since she's so tiny still, just in time for Halloween. Now that's a face only a mother could love!" I was like" thanks dude! I think she's precious!!!!" We got some really great pics of her profile and she even threw us the "hook 'em" sign. She weighs 8 oz and is 6 inches long from head to bottom! That's a big baby! ha!

18 week bump watch...

Little Miss has been spoiled already by some special people! I can't believe how many clothes are in her closet! I think they look so cute hanging there!!!

Today we finally finished cleaning out the baby's room which was the old guestroom. All the guestroom stuff went to the old study. All the study stuff went to the upstairs which is now the catch all room. It has been musical rooms around here for the past few weeks!!! Here are the before nursery pictures. We still need to move that dresser out of there, but I sure as heck am not going to be the one to help do it! ha!

Now this just blows my mind. I took this first picture at 7 weeks. Now the one beneath it was taken on the eve of 18 weeks. Same shorts. I look so different!!! It's so surreal that my belly is growing like this!!! I feel like the last few weeks my belly has been growing like crazy!

Happy Halloween!

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    I have to confess. ive been stalking your page for any udates and Lord is this an Update..Such wonderful news!!! praying that you have a wonderful pregnancy and that soon to be daddy is doing well!
    I was in Dallas a few weeks ago.. for work conference...would have been great to have met up.
    Again, true blessings to you and the fam!