Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turning 6 months...

This is pretty delayed but here goes! I can't believe we have a 6 month old! She is now closer to 1 year than her birth! The days are flying by. We grew up always having a special day on our 1/2 birthday. No presents or anything, but we always recognized the day and got to pick where we went out to eat that night. I want to do the same for our babies. So on the morning of October 2 we went and got our little girl out of bed and told her "Happy Half Birthday!!!" We spent the morning doing our usual routine and played! We also did our 6 month photo shoot!

Later in the afternoon we headed to Dallas for cousin Mack's 2nd birthday party! I cannot believe my little nephew is 2! Where does the time go? He had a sports themed party so we all wore our Rangers gear in honor of our Texas Rangers! The bottom 3 on the left were all born about 3 weeks apart and all had little cheerleader outfits on. So cute!

Reese and Alyssa in their zones...

the Birthday Boy!

Mack's party fell right in the middle of afternoon nap time, and Tooter decided to just completely SKIP her nap all together and partied hard! So by the time we left around 5 she was asleep the minute the car started.

We stopped at Firewheel Mall to get her a cookie cake. While they were making it we walked around for awhile and enjoyed the wonderful weather. We took some pics by the fountain.

When we got home we decided to give Reese her first taste of rice cereal! I had everything all ready and had big dreams of her just loving it and begging for more! Well it was pretty anticlimactic. She didn't love it, but she didn't hate it. She took a few bites and then clamped her little mouth SHUT. My baby is getting so big. She can eat now!!! I will have to do another post on our adventures in solid food.

We let her put her little fingers in the icing of the cookie cake and then devoured it after she went to bed. Actually it took us a few days to eat it haha. It was such a special family day. It seemed like such a simple day, but with Reese now with us I will never forget simple days like that! Happy Half Birthday Baby Girl!

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