Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowmaggeden 2011!

I thought I was clever to make that little phrase above up until I heard many other people saying it. Oh well! It has been a crazy weather week here in Texas! We heard we would be getting some snow this week and that it could potentially be the coldest temperatures TX had seen in years. Well it happened!

I worked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday this week. It was supposed to start sleeting early Tuesday morning and then turn into snow for most of the day. So Monday night I went to Kroger with the rest of DFW to stock up. I am sooooo glad I did b/c I didn't leave the house until Saturday! The sleet woke us up around 4:30 Tuesday morning. There was already a good inch on the ground and it wasn't stopping any time soon! I decided to just go ahead and start getting ready. Driving in these conditions SCARES me so bad!!! I just hyperventilate the whole way! After much deliberation we decided that Andrew would go in early and we would drop Reese off together at daycare (1 mile down the road), so that he could take us to the DART rail to ride that into each of our works. April decided to meet us there and ride too. There was so much ice and snow on the grounds already! There was a THICK layer of ice and the snow was really coming down when we left. We got Reese safely to Tonya's and then slowly made it to the DART. Well that plan would have worked great except the rails were shut down due to ice! Not good! So April bravely drove us into work while Andrew went to pick up Reese and stay at home.

Somehow we all made it! Work was so weird that day! All day we were wondering how and if we would get home! After hearing how night shift made it in we decided the best and safest choice would be for April and I to just take the backroads to my house. It only took us a little over an hour, but we made it home! April spent the night and we had a fun girls morning the next day. We were sad to see her go, but she needed to get home!

So Wednesday and Thursday were filled with lots of playing, looking out the windows, and exploring the house. The high Wednesday was 19! In fact we had 100 straight hours of below freezing temps this week! Crazy!

Reese was very intrigued by the dishwasher for the first time.

This past week was the week I have seen her eat the most! I was so proud! We had lots of home cooked meals thanks to my Kroger run and she got to try most of them! She liked the beef stew and was even voluntarily eating carrots! She tried this gerber meal thing I found that was mack and cheese with chicken and veggies. The girl was SHOVELING it into her mouth! She could not get enough! I feel like we have struggled with eating and I was so happy I could have cried to see her eat so much of something the liked!

Here she is shoveling...

Being silly playing with a necklace...

She worked on her climbing skills all week.

So excited to see the pretty white snow outside!

She has been playing while squatting like this recently. It cracks me up!
Andrew went in to work for a few hours on Wednesday and Thursday. I invited my parents to come hang out on Friday if they were still out of school. They had already been out Tues-Thurs. Well once they got the call Thursday afternoon that school was canceled Friday they headed out to us. A drive that normally takes them 50 minutes took the better part of 3 hours! They brought Spring Creek Bar-b-que with them. Reese was already in bed by the time they arrived. We had a yummy dinner. We were supposed to get a "light dusting" of about 1 more inch of snow around 4 am Friday morning. I woke up at 2 am and looked out the window and it was already snowing. Hard!!!

Imagine all of our shock when we woke up Friday morning to see that our "light dusting" had turned into about 6 inches of snow!!!!

We couldn't believe it! Oh my goodness it was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. Andrew and I bundled Reese up and just stood in the garage staring at all the beauty. There wasn't a single sound in the whole neighborhood. Nobody had even driven yet. It was such a sweet, peaceful moment that I will never forget.

I made pancakes for everyone that morning.

Andrew attempted to go to work around 10 and finally made it several hours later. Nanny, Grampa, Reese and I just bummed around the house all morning. Basically the 3 of us just stared at Reese as she made her way around every toy in the room over and over again. It never gets old! She is not hurting for attention that's for sure!

We took her out for a quick 5 second photo shoot in the snow!


Reese has decided to drop her morning nap. They have just been getting shorter and shorter so we let her stay up through lunch. Well this girl fell asleep while eating some toast in her highchair!!!

She never got tired of standing at the window looking out.

Reese had so much fun with Nanny and Grampa! Nanny gave her snacks and Grampa played lots of peek-a-boo!

I managed to get all of our laundry done AND organize the pantry! That pantry had stuff in it from 2009! It felt so good to purge!

Once the sun came out the snow was even prettier.

Grampa making Reese laugh during her dinner.

Andrew made it safely home from work thank goodness. After getting Reese to bed, I made crawfish rice for everyone. This is probably my favorite meal right now. We had snow ice cream with chocolate chips for dessert and it actually was pretty good!

My parents decided to stay Friday night too since it was still icy and FREEZING. On Saturday they offered to watch Reese while we had a quick lunch/movie date! We jumped on the offer! I had not been out of the house since Tuesday night! It was so refreshing to get ready and leave the house. We ate at Flying Fish and then saw The Dilemma, which was pretty good but often kind of hard to follow. After the movie Reese was still asleep so we even had time to swing by the grocery store to restock. Oh my gosh it was a madhouse since everyone was probably doing their superbowl shopping and restocking their kitchens all in the same day!

I have never seen weather like this in TX. We get a few snow days a year but never this many days in a row! It may actually sleet tonight and there is another potential snowstorm next Wednesday! Crazy!

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