Friday, March 11, 2011

Just some things

Just some things I want to remember...
  • Today at Kroger I was trying to finish up some last minute items, and Reese was getting cranky and tired so I held her while I was perusing an aisle. I was patting her back while stopped. She started patting my back too!
  • Reese loves to take all her clothes out of the hamper. The other day she as she was flinging her clothes around, I noticed that every time she had a sock she would lift up her foot and touch her foot with the sock. So I handed her one and said "put your sock on", and she tried to put her sock on! She didn't even come close to getting it on, but she knows that her sock goes on her foot! Amazing!
  • She was playing at her laugh and learn door and I noticed she kept trying to put the yellow circle in the spot that only the circle goes. I was so proud! It kept dropping and she would squat down and bring it back up to the circle hole! She was trying SO HARD to get that darn circle in the hole!
  • She can put her plastic rings on the post of her ring toy.
  • Today at chick-fil-a I let her "play" in the little kiddie area. There was this little spot where there were all these animals on the wall that you could flip around. Well she went straight for the duck one and said "DU!"
  • Last night on a walk we were chatting with a neighbor and he was asking if she can say any words. I named a few of the words she can say. Usually she just says them on her own accord. I said "Reese say Dada", and she said Dada! Then later that night I said "Reese can you say Mama", and what do you know she said Mama too! I think it is clicking that I am Mama! Melt my heart!
I am so amazed as I watch her little brain work! I am so proud of everything she does! Lately, I feel she has really been showing her love towards me in such special ways. She squeals with delight when I walk into a room, and flashes me this look that says "You are my mama and I love you soooo much!" We had pictures yesterday with Jill, and bless her heart she just wanted to be near me and didn't understand that Mama was not picture ready like she was! I don't think the monogramed bloomer shot that I envisioned in my head will turn out quite the way I planned seeing as how she was SCREAMING! I'm talking red face, open mouth wailing, and giant tears! Oh well! She was still cute!

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