Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Post!!!

Well I did it! After 3 faithful years as a xanga blogger I have made the switch! After debating for sometime, I have decided on a more "grown up" blog! Feel free to peruse the old blog if you like but from now on this is where we'll be!

When I say "we" I mean my soon-to-be hubby and I! That's right in T minus 4 months Andrew and I are getting married!!! Lots of changes and exciting things about to take place i.e. planning a wedding, "attempting" to build a house, and the newlywed life. I thought a fresh start on a blog would be nice!

A little background in case you don't care to read 3 years pointless rambling on the xanga...

-31 yrs young
-UTA grad of '00
-Talented architect of Perkins and Will
-Soon to be talented registered architect of Perkins and Will
-Avid wakeboarder
-Dream: own an awesome wakeboard boat someday

-24 yrs young
-Baylor grad '06
-RN @ Presbyterian Dallas' High Risk Obstetrics unit
-Likes: anything involving pregnancy/birth (hence the job), taking pictures, discovery health, and guacamole
-Life goals: Become a triple threat and/or see a tornado in real life! (hey a girl can dream right?)

The child~
-Consists of a big blob of grey fur
-Goes by Mr Lilly (was found as a she and ended up a he)
-Has more personality than he knows what to do with

Why the title "The Heart of Life"? One of our favorite John Mayer songs! We actually got engaged at his concert in Dallas last year!

So the magical day will be June 21, 2008 when we will be from then on known as The Herrell's! Not to be confused with the other Herrell's which consist of Andrew's twin bro Aaron and wife Worth Anne! We are honeymooning in San Juan where we will be island hopping on a cruise in the southern carribbean. Currently head over our heels in what hopefully will be the beginning of a house building adventure (fingers crossed)! But its way too soon to get into all that!

I don't really know who is going to end up reading all this, but I just know that I have LOVED going back and looking through my old blog and remembering adventures with friends, nursing school days etc!
I will end with our wedding website! Which I just HAVE to plug just about any/everywhere!

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