Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm a designer!

We had the pleasure of having our first 2 appointments at the new Grand home design center! Apparently they have put 5 MILLION dollars into it and you could definitly tell! I spent half the time admiring everything and had trouble staying on task at times! 5 hours the first day and 2 1/2 hours the second day and we are almost done! The goal is for it to be out of architecture by the end of the month so that the slab can be poured by early April! Our first "team meeting" is coming up!

The model kitchens were amazing...

Showcasing our front door!

So many choices!!!

Partaked in James and Nancy's fiesta couples shower last saturday night. These crazy fun friends of ours are getting married April 2 in the Maya Riviera, Mexico!!! And we are going!!! Unfortunatly pretty much everyone in attendance at the shower ended up getting food poisoning! NOT FUN!!!!!

Little sister Abby turned 22 on March 1. Enjoyed a fantastic meal at Steak and Ale with the fam. Mom&Dad actually wanted to come out with us after! We couldn't turn them down! Ended up at the Londoner in Addison. Got a nice cozy table in the corner and had some drinks and great conversation! It's sad when you leave the bar before your parents!

Our spring softball season starts this week! Sad I can't play wed night b/c i have to work! :(

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