Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just grabbing a quick minute at work tonight! We are all moved in (as of 2 weeks today!) and really enjoying this new domesticated bliss!!! Our lives currently revolve around unpacking, decorating, getting reaquainted with Mr Lilly the cat, and the Olympics! We are loving every minute of it!!! No internet yet though! Have the hook up but no laptops (both are on the mend). I don't even mind the longer commute. Probably b/c I miss all the traffic since I am always going the opposite way! Am really loving the George Bush Highway! Great scenery! It is so quiet out in Garland, except for the train that goes through randomly at night, but getting used to it. And we are very spoiled by the snow cone stand that we can literally walk to! Love Bahama Bucks!!!

Life is oh so sweet! :)

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