Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The right place at the right time!

Soooo.....my husband is in Cali on business and I did not want to stay at the apartment by myself! So I drove to Arlington to see my parents and spend the night there! Daddy usually takes us out to eat and last night was no different! We went to a little local place called Jay Jay Cafe...think comfort food kinda like Black Eyed Pea. Well our little waitress was taking our order and was mentioning her new ferret. Of course my ears perked up at that and mentioned that I too have a ferret! She told us she acquired hers the day before after reading on Craig's List that a lady was going to go release her in the park if no one adopted her within 12 hours! We were all horrified to hear that!! I told the waitress Lynne thank goodness I didn't see that add or we'd be 1 ferret richer! My dad kinda snorted when I said that (I am notorious for bringing random animals home. I think the count in my lifetime is 7??) So long story short, Lynne said she was trying to find a cage for her new ferret, and she could not afford any of the ones listed online. Well lo and behold we have a extra giant 4 story cage in our garage that we are trying to find a home for! Sierra is pretty content in her 2 story cage right now. And I KNEW that Andrew would be overjoyed to hear that he wouldn't have to drag a giant cage that we don't even need to the new house! We had recently been discussing what to do with it! So my dad and I hosed it off when we got home and took it over to her apartment (like 5 minutes from my parents house mind you). I made a few dollars and she got a great deal on a ferret cage! It worked out! It was neat that we sat at that certain booth at that certain restaurant!!! Husband was very happy to hear about my business deal. Then I hosed Sierra's cage down too for good measure. She is all ready for the big move to Garland in a couple weeks!

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