Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter/Birthday weekend!!!

This year my 26th birthday fell on Good Friday! What a priviledge! It was so humbling to think all day what the true meaning of Good Friday is. Jesus died on this day for me so that I could be born to live eternally with Him! WOW!!!

I had worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night that week so I was more than ready to get back to a day schedule on Friday after sleeping all day Thursday. Thursday night husband and I went to Firewheel and ate at San Francisco Oven and checked out the Carter's outlet store to get some fun outfits for the Macker. We had fun making an Easter Basket (well, bucket actually) for Mack for his first Easter!!! I also just absolutely HAD to make the cats Easter baskets. Yes I know this probably sounds reeeeally weird, but I grew up with my mom making Easter baskets for the dogs so I don't really know any different! I had specific instructions from husband though that I was alloted 5 dollars per cat. I think they turned out pretty cute though. And yes I stayed right at my 10 dollar total limit!

Jack trying to sneak a peak at the finished products!

Mack's in the middle!

Andrew works 1/2 day Fridays, so I got to spend the whole afternoon with my Honey! He came and picked me up and we drove up to Plano to have a birthday lunch at Cafe Express! Mmmm California turkey burgers and sweet potato fries...so good! After that we shopped around for a few hours and then headed back to the house. That night we met mom, dad, Abby, and Will at Fogo de Chao in Addison. I have always been wanting to try this place after hearing such wonderful things! We celebrated all the April birthdays in our family (mom, Andrew, and me!) It was such a fun and long dinner. We ate for over 3 hours! At one point, there was skewers of meat coming at us from all different directions! So delicious! I received some very sweet gifts including an awesome chip and dip from crate and barrel, an "E" coffee mug, a yummy smelling 
candle, and money! Husband and I are putting our birthday money together to purchase a new entertainment center for the new tv! Mom made this awesome red velvet cupcake cake for dessert! All in all, it was a wonderful 26th birthday spent with the most important people in my life!

Saturday, we drove with the "other Herrells" to Azle to celebrate Easter early and all the March/April birthdays. I got to ride in the back with this little cutie who entertained us most of the way!

After a delicious lunch of brisket, pasta salad, chips, and fruit made by Mama Herrell we packed up all the adults and all the kids and headed to the new park nearby!

Jonathan and Josh

Sweet Emmy and her PawPaw

Mack took it all in from his stroller!

After we got back that night, husband and I rented some movies and enjoyed them on the new tv! We gave the cats their Easter Baskets and enjoyed watching them play with the contents for hours! It's funny, b/c they both seemed to know which one was theirs. I specifically picked things for each of their baskets that I knew what they would like. Jack took off running with his feathered mouse toy and Lilly went to town with his chirping bird! Then they had an Easter supper of wet(gross, but they love it!) cat food. Man, I really need to have some kids. This is borderline obsessive!

Easter morning was cold and rainy! We got up and went to church and arrived 40 minutes late!!! I was so embarrassed! Turns out, the Easter service started at 9 instead of 9:30 like usual! I don't know what happened that we didn't know about it...we went last week and didn't hear anything about it! I tried not to get upset that we missed pretty much the whole service, but the important part was that we were there and felt the joy of the fact that HE IS RISIN!!!!! Great music at the end too! I love our church! I had to work Easter night (boo!) so we came home and cooked a spaghetti lunch and then I went back to sleep!

I gave up cokes for lent(no I'm not Catholic. Just wanted to participate) and finally had my first one yesterday in over 40 days! It was actually not that great! I am going to keep sticking to water and the occasional sprite if I can!

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