Monday, November 23, 2009

21 weeks

Well here we are at 21 weeks. Time is really starting to fly by, especially with the holidays quickly approaching! Here are some highlights from 21 weeks...

* I am really starting to FEEL big. I know in the grand scheme of things this is nothing, but boy am I starting to FEEL it!

* It is so hard to stay on my side! I have never been a back sleeper, but suddenly that is how I want to sleep! My hips are starting to go numb if I stay on one side for too long, crazy!

* I am waking up STARVING at 5 am the last several days and have had to get up and make a full blown breakfast or I can't go back to sleep b/c my stomach is growling so much!

* I have been calling the baby cupcake after I found some cute cupcake onesies. My mom and her friends have christened her "Princess Cupcake!"

* My mom gave me the little cream smocked gown last night that I wore home from the hospital. Princess Cupcake will be wearing it home from the hospital too! It is so sweet and precious!

*My patients have started asking me questions about my pregnancy and the baby which is fun!

*I wish they made maternity scrubs. I am pretty close to being in t-shirts once and for all. I can still fit into the scrub tops, but they ride up and look like crop tops!

*I wish I had an endless supply of funds for maternity clothes. And baby bedding.

*I saw New Moon Friday night with all the work girls. We had been waiting so long for this day!!! I absolutely loved it, especially since it pretty much followed the book to a T. Good job Chris Weitz! Reese was moving around constantly throughout the 2nd half! I think she is Team Edward like her mom!

We had a fun lunch with the Herrell side of the family yesterday since most of them will be out of town for Thanksgiving. My parents are heading to St Louis on Tuesday to spend the week with Abby since of course I will be working. So Andrew and I are spending Thanksgiving day with Margaret and Houston. I'm so lucky to have in-laws that I consider my surrogate parents. This will be the first Thanksgiving that I haven't had my mom's cooking. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty sad about this! I am bringing sweet potatoes and green bean casserole to the festivities on Thursday in Azle. I have to work Thursday night, but at least I have Wednesday night off!

This is Captain, otherwise known as Cappy. He is sick! My mom took him to the vet last week for his checkup and his blood sugar was over 700!!!!! The prognosis is not good as he has lost alot of weight and is peeing constantly. Poor buddy. We are just going to see how he does in the next few weeks. My mom is pretty torn as to what to do. Cappy's vet does not think BID insulin shots will help at this point. He was the first of many cats that I have brought home to my parents house over the years. I can't help it! We went by my mom and dad's house to see him last night. Get better Cappy! 

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  1. Hey Emily,

    Glad to see and hear that things are going well with you and baby REESE!!! Love the name. Has a sweet sound to it!

    Beautiful crib too!...Dad to be did a great job!