Monday, March 9, 2009

Goodbye nights maybe soon?

Busy week of working extra shifts (thanks economy!), eye and teeth appointments, and working more shifts! I don't think I will get to sleep much this week! But there is a little rumor fluttering around the unit that I may be going to days soon!!!!!  I'm trying not to get too excited, because I've already had my hopes dashed once in this situation so I'm not believing anything until I hear it straight from the boss lady's mouth!!! I have to admit I skulked around the unit this morning a little extra trying to "appear available" just in case I ran into her and she had "something" she needed to tell me. But to no avail, as she is not even here this week, but out of town! I am not going to outright ask her though. I have heard through the grapevine that that is not a good idea. So I am just going to bide my time and wait for my opportunity to come find me!

It will happen when it is supposed to happen. It will have been 2 years of straight nights this May. I am so ready for days. I have been really ready for a good 6 months or so. Some nights are just a beating these days. I think that inside God has our next few months all planned out to a T. If I were to go to days now I would get a hefty little pay cut, as I wouldn't be getting the night shift differential anymore which actually does add up pretty nicely. Since our income has been cut in have for a month now we are really starting to feel it. And it hurts! So we really don't need to add a pay cut in my salary to the mix right now do we? God are You just waiting until you open a door for Andrew's job for me to go to days? I think that is what You are doing, and it is fine with us. So until then I am perfectly content working that awful shift b/c it is all part of a Perfect Plan for the Herrell Fam.

The BIG RUN is this Saturday! I am working extra Tues night and then my scheduled shifts Wed and Thurs night. We will pick up our packets at Run On Friday afternoon and hopefully squeeze in a quick 5K that afternoon to prepare for the 5K Saturday morning. I have found in my new running experience that my 2nd run of the week is my best with my 1st being the worst! I do not want that long awaited Saturday run to be that first horrible run of the week! Make sense? Maybe. There was just no time to run earlier this week with all the craziness. We have in previous weeks been fitting in three 5K runs a week!

The prayers continue in our house for the precious interview tomorrow at 1330 in the afternoon!!!!! Please God guide and be with Andrew tomorrow!!!!!!!

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  1. Prayers prayers... as Im reading this its 1:27pm... Hope the interview goes well!

    Ohhh the late shifts.. I sympathize with you Emily. I did it for 5 years!!! How i did it? don't quite know yet!.

    When the opprotunity came around for me to move into the current position that I am now (9-5) I had to weigh my options.. Quality of life verses Quantity in life. I picked Quality. It was only fair that I treat my body and soul better than to suffer and be misrable working late nights.. but the pay sure was sweet. Im sure its epesically hard now than it was last year... but yes God knows what he has in plan for the Herrell's... trust in him.

    Although Im sure your are a tee we bit nervous and anxious to know how Andrew's interview went.. I wish you a good day!