Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Spring is in the air! I'm so glad b/c those winter months are so dreary. Spring really arrived last week with everything blooming and then we had 4 long days of rain which was much needed. We finally saw the sun again yesterday and it's so nice out! We could smell all the flowers tonight on our run. Perfect night. We ate at Flying Fish for dinner and the porch area had all the windows open. Felt so good! We put birdseed all over the back patio and the boys have enjoyed some "bird watching".

We did our first real 5K run! Aside from the freezing cold and rain it went great!!! A little chaotic at the beginning when we were in the center of a giant hoard of runners. There wasn't enough room on the street so we were running on sidewalks, grass, up steps, down steps, and hopping curbs for the first mile or so. Miles 2 and 3 were much smoother as everyone had evened out along the course by then. It was so awesome to cross that finish line! We will be doing many more runs in the future!

I had alot of fun setting our dining room table for our first dinner at it! Everyone loved the food and I got lots of nice compliments. It was a very nice evening! And we have lots of leftover Pasta, Pesto, and Peas to last us all week!

Andrew received his offer letter today and it made it even more real for us! He starts Monday the 23rd! We also found out that his salary at this job will be increased from his last job since he is now hired as project architect!!!! Sunday we listened to a wonderful church service at our church called Power of Prayer. I felt as though it couldn't have applied more to our lives right now. It was the perfect lesson at the perfect time. We ate lunch at Uncle Julio's after and then did a little outlet shopping in Allen. We followed that by renting some movies and having a little movie night. Once he goes back to work we aren't going to get to spend all this time together like we are now! We are going to cherish every minute!

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