Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girls Day!!!

Jenny and I have been trying to get together forever and it finally worked out! Her girls are 13 months. It feels like they were just born! We met up at Willow Bend mall and hit the food court! We all had chick-fil-a. Well except for Reese. She got hers later ha! Reese was such a good girl sitting in her stroller like a big girl! She just sat and smiled, and looked around and was very content! Oh and then she had this MASSIVE blowout! I was praying and speedwalking the whole way to the bathroom. I mean it was like millimeters from coming out the sides! We lined up the girls and took a picture. I can't believe that is my child in this picture. I still can't believe I have a baby. I can't believe I'm going on playdates with friends and their babies with my baby. When does it sink in? I mean it all feels really real, but at times I'm just in disbelief that the past year I carried a child, birthed her, and now am a full time mom to her! I could just scream I'm so happy!

I love that Reese is smiling in this pic...

Then we took off for the play area! I had never been to a play area in a mall before! I mean what reason would I have to be in one? It's like this whole new world! The mall during the day is like this private club of moms and babies and lots of strollers! This is where they all hang out! Jenny told me especially in the summer the mall is the best place to take your kiddos. You can get lunch, play, stroll, keep them entertained, and especially beat the heat! Kaitlin and Avery took off walking/crawling all over the play area. Reese hung out on a little blanket and watched all the kids playing. These little girls kept coming over and "petting her". One tried to steal her keys. I didn't know what to do! I didn't want to take them from her and make her mad! So here comes Kaitlin crawling over and the little girl gave her the keys! So thanks Kaitlin for getting Reese's keys back! At one point this little boy came over and told me about 2,976 times "I was a baby in mommy's tummy!" It was so random but so funny! Reese had her bottle in the play area and then we packed up and strolled the mall! We stopped and got some delicious pretzels. At one point Reese decided she would rather ride in the bjorn than her stroller. I happily obliged. I seriously don't know what we'd do without the bjorn! That thing is a lifesaver!

Working on tummy time while all the big kids play...

Strolling with my best girl!

I am so glad I know about this mall secret! Once she's older I can see us enjoying many more hot afternoons this way!!!! You can only stay at home so much. I am starting to get stir crazy on my days off and need some ideas of what to do!

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