Friday, February 12, 2010

Dallas Blizzard 2010 + Bedrest

Here's the our appt on Tuesday(after being on bedrest all weekend) I was having maybe 1-2 ctx an hour. The dr was ok with me going to work on thursday night as long as I wasn't having the frequent ctx like I was on Friday night. He said he would write me a note right then and there to not work though if that's what I wanted. Basically giving me the decision. He said if I start ctx at work thurs night to either go home or go to triage. So Wednesday was really the first day I was out and about. I had lunch with Jenny at Celebrity Bakery. I then went to Hobby Lobby and Target and then Andrew and I met some friends at TinStar for family dinner night. On the way to TinStar I started noticing the ctx picking up and by the time we were eating they were every 5 minutes or so. These ctx were also slightly more uncomfortable than the ones last week. More crampy than last time plus the back pain. So we ate fast and hightailed it home where I drank a bunch of water and layed down. They spaced back out to what seems like my baseline of 1 or 2 an hour. I slept good, but woke up to more than usual which went away after I chugged some more water.

Soooo.....all day Thursday I was like What do I do!!!! I pretty much knew that working 3 twelve hour night shifts was probably not a smart decision. Actually more like a stupid decision. I have such a hard time calling in and feel so guilty! I haven't called in in almost a year! It's like I needed someone to tell me what to do. I prayed about it and decided to call the office. I talked to the nurse and explained the situation. She immediately told me that I'm not working especially since I can't even run a few errands without ctx. I am back on bedrest for the time being and if I go back to work it won't be until 35-36 weeks. I go see Dr B on Tuesday (I saw his partner this past Tues) and we'll go from there. So the bottom line is it's better to be safe then sorry. I would never forgive myself if I had gone to work all weekend and ended up delivering her. I'm glad I am being forced to slow down b/c apparently it's hard for me to make that call myself!

Moving on...

It has been a winter wonderland in DFW! It started snowing late Wednesday night and didn't stop until late Thursday night! This is when we woke up Thursday morning...

Later in the day...

We watched the snow all day in bed and watched movies!

This is Friday morning after it finally stopped snowing!

How fun will it be next year when I have a little Reese to take out in the snow to play! Who knows if we'll ever get snow like this again though! I don't think I've ever seen it like this here!

32 week pic, but 33 weeks today!

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