Saturday, February 6, 2010

First scare!

Well after a textbook first 7 months we had our first scare. At 28 weeks I started having what I would call "braxton hicks" contractions. They don't hurt and honestly some days I don't even notice them at all. Well the last few days I had noticed quite an increase in the contractions. They still didn't hurt except for a little discomfort in my back. Well yesterday(friday) on the day I turned 32 weeks they just weren't going away even after I drank 4 pitchers of water! It probably didn't help that I cleaned most of the house that morning. So Andrew got home from work around noon and we were going to go shopping for Reese's curtains. I was feeling uneasy about the amount of ctx I was having even though they still weren't hurting. We decided to call the office and they said to come in and I could see the on call MD. So we jumped into the car and headed the hospital (MD office is in hospital). I am in the middle of an 8 day off streak from work and was hoping to avoid Presby!

Anyways, so we walk into the waiting room and the receptionist tells us that he wants me to go to triage and be monitored! I was like "WHAAAT!" I honestly thought we'd do a quick cervical length check in the office and everything would be fine and we'd be on our merry way to lunch and curtain shopping. So down to L&D we go and get checked in. I was not prepared to have to go to L&D!!! I was praying I would have a nurse that I knew! Thankfully Heather was my nurse and I changed into the gown and got hooked up to the monitors. Reese looked great and my ctx were every 2-3 minutes!!! Still not hurting though. So I had to get the dreaded terb shot. The one I give on my unit!!!! It was very crazy and surreal being on the other side of things! So the terb worked at first. The ctx spaced out to like every 6 minutes and then picked right up again. By then my pulse was 130! I can definitely sympathize with the patients I give terb b/c it is not fun!!! I felt so anxious and redfaced, like I was about to have a panic attack! My pulse stayed above 120 so I could not get the needed 2nd dose of terb. So i got a dose of procardia instead. She also did a FFN to see if labor was probable in the next 2 weeks or so (results were neg). While the procardia was kicking in Lily came down to see me from my unit! I think that really helped distract Andrew and I! She got to wheel me to sono.

Good news is that my cervix is 32 mm so all the ctx weren't shortening it any more. We also got to see the baby!!! She was going crazy from the terb! We got the cutest shot of her profile. We saw her opening her eyes and mouth and even "practice" breathing. And she is huge! Baby Reese now weighs 4 lbs 11 oz! Everything looked great on the sono and they saw no reason as to why I was having so many ctx.


Cute profile


Precious Foot

So I get wheeled back to triage and put back on the monitors. Still having the ctx although they are not as frequent. Well my pulse was still over 120 so Dr R decided to give me a bag of fluid so I had to get an IV. BOO!!! I can start IV's till kindom come but am the worst receiver of the IV. Heather was amazing and it was probably my best IV ever even though it was the dreaded 18g! So once the bag is almost done, my ctx are finally fizzling out. I think the procardia had kicked in by then too. Dr R came and saw me and said I could go home or I could be admitted to MY OWN UNIT for the night! I was like "hmmm...I'll go home!" Basically I am on bedrest for the weekend until my appointment Tues and we'll go from there. So we got to leave around 7 pm. Neither of us had had lunch so we stopped and got Flying Fish (mmmmm catfish) on the way home. We ate dinner on the couch and I was out by 9:30.

I've only felt a few sporadic ctx today. I have been spending the day in bed watching movies. My personal slave (i.e. husband) has been wonderful!!! He got me donuts and movies! I'm all set up with my laptop, snacks, water, gatorade, and remotes in bed. I also have a cat laying across my legs! It's nice to be forced to relax! I think I have been overdoing it the past week or so!

I'm so thankful Baby Reese is staying in to cook longer! Just 5 more weeks and she will be full term! I also got a package in the mail today! Burp cloths, a changing pad cover and a pretty blanket from my mom's friend who was unable to attend my shower last week! So fun!

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