Thursday, February 25, 2010

Target Convo

We made it to 34 weeks praise the Lord!!!! I have been able to be up more and will be going back to work in a little less than 2 weeks! I've been able to run a few errands here and there and it seems people are noticing the belly more and more! It's so fun! Here's a convo I had at Target a few days ago...

me: walks up to register and starts to unload cart

Target lady: "Whoaaaa!"

me: to myself (is she talking about my groceries or my belly?)

Target lady: "You've dropped!!!"

me: to myself (what? How can she tell? I've never seen her before!)

Target lady: "Looks like it'll be any day! When are you due?

me: "six weeks from now. April 2"

Target lady: "Well it'll be sooner rather than later"

me: "Well hopefully not too soon! I've been on bedrest for the past 2 weeks for contractions. Hopefully she'll hold out a few more weeks!"

Target lady: "Well rest assured...if it happens at Target, I am perfectly adept at handling the situation!"

So if I go into labor at Target, we've got it covered!!!

But seriously, I enjoy having these little conversations here and there with perfect strangers about our baby! It's fun seeing how excited people get about new life! I want to share our daughter with the world!!! I'm so excited about her!

35 weeks tomorrow! I have been doing good contraction wise until last night. I made us some dinner and then sat down and they were every few minutes or so! I chugged 3 pitchers of water and layed down. Andrew got home and I seriously thought we were going to be calling the on-call doc. I even called my unit to see who was on. But after about 2 hours they spaced back out. I had to eat dinner laying down...that was interesting! Am I going to just blow once I go back to work? We will see!

Oh and I just have to share this. My mom's friend Aunt Kelly called on Tuesday night and insisted that she was going to bring Andrew and I dinner! I had some ingredients to cook dinner, but it was just one of those days where I just didn't feel like it! My back had been hurting all day and I'm just generally getting more uncomfortable! So it was a perfect night for dinner to be provided for us! So she showed up around 6:30 with a huge bag FULL of food! We had homemade stuffed pork tenderloin, these yummy seasoned green beans, roasted potatoes, rolls, and EASTER CANDY!!!! It was soooooo good! But what made it even better was that someone took time out of their day to do this for us! I was just thinking about how much it meant to us for her to do that. We will definitley try to "pay it forward" someday! Also in the bag was a little box with 2 precious baby girl outfits and a funky hairbow clip! Aunt Kelly is too much!!!! I'm so thankful for her!


  1. I am cracking up at the Target lady! So stinking funny! Yea for making it almost to 35 weeks tomorrow! Your precious little Reese is going to be here before you know it...I can't wait to see her sweet little face...of course, it will have to be in pictures but that will be fine. By the way, I don't even know Aunt Kelly but I LOVE her!

  2. Emily.. you are showered with so much love.. and baby REESE is so lucky.. there is more coming her way!!!

    Congrats on hitting your 35 week mark!!

    Is the nursery ready?

    Wish you all the best in these upcoming days!!!