Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I am still on bedrest until tomorrow when I hit 34 weeks! I can start doing more stuff after then like run an errand, go to the movies, etc. And then at 36 weeks I can go back to work b/c if she makes her debut any time after then we are golden for a healthy baby! So for the past 2 weeks I have been taking it easy for the first time in my life! What an amazing husband I have been blessed with. He has completely taken over all the household chores, grocery shopping, cooking etc! He won't let me do a thing! I'm a lucky girl. I got permission to go to our labor in a day class on Sunday at this hospital. Andrew had to go to baby care class all by himself on Monday and Tuesday night! I felt so bad, but we already missed the first one we scheduled due to being in triage. I was worried time would get away and we wouldn't get to take it or get a refund! Andrew graciously offered to go by himself! What a man!!! He was the only guy there by himself! He learned alot and has enjoyed relaying everything back to me.

I have been blessed to have been brought lunch 2 days in a row this week! April came over on Wednesday and brought chick-fil-a! We watched The Time Traveler's Wife and got to catch up on life. She brought Reese the cutest little bloomers! It's funny b/c I had been looking online for something like this recently!

My mom's friend Kelly who we call "Aunt Kelly" came over today with La Madeline! She came bearing gifts too! She brought Reese the sweetest little blanket, gown, and hat set! She will be so precious in them!

And here is our glider! We ordered it about a month ago and it came in the other day! It is so comfy and will be nice to relax in once she's here and up all night!

These pics were taken with our new camera! We got a canon rebel! I'm slowly learning how it works! It's so much more complicated then our point and shoot!

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