Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Days!!!

So today I decided the house needed to be cleaned....again. It's in pretty good shape, but I want it spotless for when we come home!!! Well a quick clean turned into me doing things in the kitchen like cleaning the TOP of the fridge and removing EVERYTHING from the countertops and re-arranging them all. Can we say nest much? So after the kitchen makeover I'm now sitting on the couch CONTRACTING! Big suprise. I still have to clean the hardwoods but I need to take a little rest first! Who knows if these will turn into labor contractions or just fade away like they always do. Husband is taking tomorrow off to spend the day with me and I think we are going to go see one last movie tonight! We go in tomorrow night at 2100 for some cervidil! WOO HOO!!!!

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