Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jack and Reese

From the first day we brought Reese home from the hospital, Jack has been very curious. He can always be found right next to her wherever she is. She also always notices him when he walks into the room. He actually makes her laugh HARD just by walking by whereas her daddy and I can make faces for an hour and we barely get a little giggle. He will also "perform" for her when she is playing on the ground and then look over at her to see her reaction It is hilarious! Mr. Lilly well he could care less. He didn't even know she was here for like 2 months. Notice he is in like none of these pictures. But there's sweet Jack, always near by. Now that she is a little more mobile and grabbing for things I was worried about Jack. But he actually just lays there and lets her "climb" all over him and pull on his face and ears. I guess we'll see when she can really climb on him how he tolerates it! For now it is so sweet! I can just picture their relationship growing as the years go by!

1st full day home

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  1. These pictures are so cute! Our cat is pretty obsessed with the little one too. I love it!