Saturday, February 7, 2009

Running Thoughts

We officially have 2 runners in the house. And I still can't believe it! We are on our 8th (next to last) week of the program! On Wednesday night we had our best run yet. It's been harder and harder to run in our neighborhood since our neighborhood consists of one single circle of houses. There's only so far you can go without hitting highway or shopping center. It can get quite monotonous to run the same circle over and over. Since our distance is steadily increasing, Andrew has been scoping out some new run sites. He found a fancy neighborhood about 5 min from our house. So we ran that on Wednesday night. It was nice to enjoy some new scenery and oogle at all the fancy houses. We did 2.6 miles without stopping in 28 minutes!!! I have felt the elusive 'runner's high' a few times, but I think Andrew really felt it for the first time ever. It was a perfect night for running too. The last .75 miles or so he picked up his pace and was really flying through the night! I was so proud of him! We both felt almost as though we were looking down at ourselves running. Such a great feeling. It feels so good to finish a run! We high-five each other the whole walk home! 

I have been weighing myself at work on a fancy hospital-grade scale. I recently purchased one for the house so we could both keep track. It's not like we needed it though, b/c I can definitly feel the weightloss in how my clothes are fitting! But it's always fun to keep a tally of your progress! As of this week I am up to 8 pounds lost!

I'm so glad I had that epiphany that cold day in December. I was driving home from work one morning and it just so happened to be the morning of the White Rock Marathon in Dallas. They had one of the chairmen on the radio talking about the race and I literally had a lightbulb go off in my head that said "I want to be a runner!" Running has always been something I never thought I could do. It always seemed pretty torturous as well! I knew I needed to get with Latrice and she would get me started on the right foot (haha). Fast forward a few hours and Latrice had helped me pick out my running shoes at Run On and we were running down my street in 30 degree weather in sleet! A fond memory I will always have!!! I couldn't even run for 60 seconds without wanting to die! I told Latrice that this was a stupid idea of mine and I should just go take my new shoes back! She did nothing but encourage me and urge me to stick with it. And now 8 weeks later I can run for 2.6 miles without stopping! Thanks Latrice! I told my mom this week and she just couldn't believe it! I was planning on doing this program alone, but then Andrew joined me the 2nd week and neither of us has stopped since! I'm so thankful for this activity that has gotten me off my butt, given me this new self image, and given me countless hours of special time with my husband.

Co-workers have started to notice at work! It's such a fun feeling to get to say "Why yes! As a matter of fact I have lost weight! Thanks for noticing!" My scrubs are starting to get really loose!

I'm off to wake up Husband so we can go for a run on this glorious Saturday morning! 

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