Friday, February 20, 2009

What I have been praying lately...

These thoughts have been on the forefront of my mind since Tuesday February 10...

1. That his gifts and talents will be revealed.

2. That he will know the calling of God in his life.

3. He will have doors opened for him.

4. He will become all he is created to be.

Whenever we have a tough situation we are trying to work through, I sometimes don't know the right words to say to God. Ever since my dear friend April gifted me with an amazing book (The Power of a Praying Wife), I have been turning to it to help me verbalize my prayers. It has really helped me to specifically pray for what I feel Andrew needs. for the reason I have turned to my wonderful book for help.

Drove home from work in the morning,
talked to husband on the way home,
got ready for bed,
ate some breakfast and watched my DVR'ed Bachelor,
phone rings around 9 a.m. and this is what I hear...

"Babe, I just got laid off."

My stomach just dropped as I knew his already had. So many thoughts went through my mind. 

They told him his job wouldn't be affected by the economy...

He has worked so hard for them the past 2 years...

We have this new house to pay for...

We are supposed to go on vacation next week...

What are we going to do!!!!

I squelched the panic that was trying to set in and told him to come right home and we were going to be fine!!! He is so talented and I know he will find something that will be just right for him. I knew it was time for me to step up to the plate in my role as a "Praying Wife".

We talked all morning and into the afternoon. He got to work right away with his resume, unemployment etc. I can't say the same for myself. I probably would have gotten in bed and stayed there for about 2 days. I'm so proud of him! He was the most upset about not being able to "provide" for me for a little while. I explained to him that my definition of "providing" for me isn't monetary but being someone I can count on, depend on, trust, and rely on and he is all those things with or without a job. We are going to be just fine. Just a little bump in the road that we will look back on as a crazy thing that happened during our first year of marriage.

My Uncle Kevin told my mom to tell him this "ancient Chinese proverb"...

When door shut, window open.

I couldn't agree more. If anyone reads this please pray with me those first 4 thoughts.

I eventually dozed off only to wake up and watch the massive Oklahoma tornado coverage all afternoon on TWC. (I so would have been a meteorologist if I hadn't gone into nursing).

Later that night, Andrew went to his brother's to work on his resume and I was at home with the boys. Turns out the storms were continuing into the night and were headed right through Dallas and the surrounding suburbs! Andrew had to stay put or he would have been driving right with it. I didn't take any chances and loaded up the cats, ferret, and myself into the guest bathroom. We were doing ok until we lost power and then the tornado sirens went off. I had the laptop in there to look at the weather, but then we lost internet too. I even thought to bring our weather radio in, but once the lights were out I broke it after mistaking the antenna for the windy-up thingy that is supposed to power it so you don't have to plug it in or use batteries. So there I am in complete dark with 2 angry cats and a ferret who is puking in her carrier listening to the tornado sirens go off. Eventually everything calmed down and I ventured out to find a flashlight. Andrew came home as soon as it passed through and it was safe for him to drive. We couldn't cook anything for dinner since the power was still out so we went and got Taco Bell and ate dinner by lantern light and talked about all the changes that were to come with his career. We went to bed and the electricity was still off! Thank goodness when we woke up everything was back on. What a day! 

Of course I took some pictures of the chaos... I even managed to bring the guest room mattress in our tiny guest bath!

Our little set up

Jack has grown so much since we got him! We need a bigger carrier for them!

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