Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's 2009

This was our first Valentine's as a married couple and our 3rd together. Our first V-day we went to The Kegg and had one of the best steak/crab dinners. Last year I had to work Valentine's night, but ended up getting the best phone call ever while at work: Aaron and Worth Anne were pregnant and baby Herrell was on the way. This year we kept it pretty low key especially since we had the unexpected news of Andrew getting laid off that week. But I wouldn't have had in any other way! We started the day off with a nice Valentine's run. It also ended up being our last day of the 9 week program. It was kinda neat that it fell on Valentine's Day. For each of our 3 run days that week we did a 5K. It felt so exhilarating each time we finished. Now we are onto our 1/2 marathon training! (That scares me a little honestly!) We spent the rest of the day running errands and getting ready for the ski trip we were leaving on the next day! We were debating on not going after what had happened earlier in the week but after much talk we decided to go for it. We had already paid for most of it and we really needed a little vacation at this point! We ended the day by picking up some Joe's to go and having a nice little dinner at home. Finished it off with a frozen cheesecake. Finally finished packing and went to bed early since we had to be on the road by the crack of dawn!

Yummy crab dinner

My favorite 3 boys.

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