Monday, May 3, 2010

1 month!

Reese Elizabeth you are 1 month old!!!! What have you been up to lately???

You are getting very good at holding your head up for longer periods of time! We affectionately call you bobble head. You bobble that little head of yours all around surveying the room you are in or the person you are looking at!

We upgraded you to a size 1 diaper a few weeks ago!

You go to sleep in your bassinette by our bed at around 11ish and usually get up around 2:30ish and again at 6:30ish. You are up for the day around 9ish, but you continue to nap between feedings the rest of the day. Just the other night you did a 5 hour stretch at night though! Mommy was so thankful! Especially b/c she was a bridesmaid the next day! You listen to the mommy bear womb sound thingy during the night. I have no idea if it really helps or not. I am just too paranoid to not have it on! You sleep GREAT between feedings!

Mommy sadly had to pack up your newborn clothes this past week. :( You are a chunkamunk!!! You have the most precious rolls on your arms and legs! I think I counted 9 at one point on one arm! Love it! Your 3 month clothes are fitting so much better and you can stretch your legs out all the way in your 3 month sleepers. It is fun though, b/c you have a whole new wardrobe! But you are growing so fast little girl!

You do not care for your baths. Therefore you only get a few a week. You tolerated the first few, but now it is a total scream fest the minute you get in the tub. I work very hard to make them quick for you!

You weigh about 11 pounds! WOW! I weighed myself and then me with you on our scale and I couldn't believe the difference was 11 lbs!

You nap very well in your swing during the day. But mommy learned that if your music on the swing turns off you quickly pop your eyes open as if to say "Um excuse me! That music is helping me sleep!"

Another one of your nicknames is P-Dub. When you eat you act like a ravenous little piggie, so I started calling you Piggly Wiggly which got shortened to P-Dub. You definitely love to eat. I think that is one of the reasons that breastfeeding is going so well for us! I am so proud to have exclusively breastfed for a whole month now! You are doing all the work! You make it look so easy. It was painful and difficult in the beginning. But we got the hang of it and I really look forward to our time together when you eat. There is nothing like feeding your sweet baby.

It seems as though you have trouble with gas during the first 2 evening feedings. We have to give you mylicon before and sometimes after or you are in so much pain! It makes me so sad! But we are thankful the mylicon seems to be helping you pop those bubbles in your tummy!

You will suck your paci until you have decided you have had enough and then you will spit it out. And Mommy and daddy learned to NOT offer it back to you when you do that, b/c you are done with it at that point! You only like the green soothies too. Mommy had all these cute paci's and paci clips for you and you will having nothing to do with them and even act like I am gagging you with them if I offer them to you!

Your poops are sudden and forceful! Sometimes we can hear them in the other room! You also make the cutest faces during them. It's so hard not to laugh!

You are tolerating tummy time on your mat for about 15 minutes and then you are done. Mommy left you on there a little bit too long the other day and you showed me by peeing ALL over yourself and the mat! Sorry baby!!!

You are getting really good at focusing on our faces. Mommy was getting ready in the bathroom the other day and daddy was sitting in there holding you. You just followed me around with your eyes! It was so cute. When I would get close to your face and move my head slowly you would move your little head to see where my face was going!

You have a love/hate relationship with your carseat. Sometimes you sleep for a LONG time in it and sometimes you scream for a LONG time in it!

This past month has been hands down the hardest most exhausting month of my life! But it has also been the most happy and rewarding month of my life! My pregnancy seems like so long ago. Almost like another life for me b/c of how much your life changes when you have a baby. I have learned to slow down and enjoy life even more. It's ok if your house is a mess or you haven't done laundry in 2 weeks. I would much rather spend an hour snuggling with my baby than have clean counter tops. Thank you Lord for this precious gift!!!!! I LOVE BEING A MOMMY! It is the greatest thing I have ever done in this life! WE LOVE YOU REH!!!

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  1. Emily, she is so beautiful! I can hardly believe your precious angel is already 1 month old! Happy 1 Month Birthday, Reese!!! Can't wait for our first playdate when we visit Texas!!!