Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smiley Girl!

Reese and I decided to have a photo shoot today! Now she has been smiling since 6 days old (I swear! My mom even saw it! And it wasn't even one of those gas induced ones while they are sleeping!), but they are pretty hard to catch on camera. I've gotten a few on my iphone here and there. But lately she has been dishing them out more and more so I decided today I would catch them on a real camera! I didn't get out the big massive one, just the little point and shoot to get the job done. And she didn't dissapoint! I also wanted to showcase her cute outfit that fits now! Emily Reightler had it made for her and we love it!!!! Note the Texas size bow! LOVE IT!!!!

This girl never ceases to melt my heart! I can't believe she is mine!!!


  1. Emily! Mom and I are crazy about these pictures! We want to eat Reese up! When things settle down I am going to call you! Hope all is well!