Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taste of Addison

We took Reese to her first of many outdoor festivals last weekend! It was so fun! We met the other Herrells and the Morrows at Taste of Addison. We had a nice shady spot and enjoyed playing with the babies! Reese and Carson are only about 4.5 months apart and I can't wait to see them really interact! She layed on the blanket, had a bottle, took a nap, and then layed on the blanket and smiled for like an hour! So fun! She starting to enter a really fun stage! Andrew and I even got to walk around sans baby for a little bit and try some new food! That night Reese decided to drop her middle of the night feed and sleep from 9:30 to 5! She did it again the next night too! I retimed all her feedings on Sunday and that night she slept from 11-7! GO REESE!!! Babywise says that at 7 weeks they are capable of doing it and Reese is so gifted she slept through the night the DAY she turned 7 weeks!

Basking in the sun...

Playing with Carson...

With Mommy

Hanging out with Daddy

Reese and Daddy went with me to see Dr Bertrand! He couldn't believe how big she had gotten! She got a little pink shirt there that says "Dr Bertrand really delivers". So cute!

She is really good at falling asleep sitting up at the end of a feeding! Here is her and her daddy showing off their sleeping while sitting up skills!

She is such a little doll and we are having such a fun time with her! We are all flying to St Louis for Auntie Babs' internship graduation! Praying for a good first flight for Reese!

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