Sunday, June 13, 2010

Play time

I feel like Reese is really learning how to play! The last week or so she has spend alot of time in the bumbo and on the playmat. Her attention span for toys is getting much longer to and she has started holding onto her keys and new rattle!

She is LOVING the bumbo!

She's getting better with tummy time too. She is holding her head higher for longer periods of time without crying!

Of course Jack has to help.

We picked out a rattle at Target this week and she is really good at holding onto it and shaking it!

After she eats she likes to sit up and SMILE at us!!!

Model face!

Look at that determination

Holding onto her keys!

So many toys to choose from!

Note the cute little shoes!

Reese you are a joy to watch discover new things around you!!! Every day with you is a new adventure! I love seeing the world through your eyes! It's new to me too!

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