Monday, June 7, 2010

2 months!

Oh my goodness when they say it goes by fast they weren't kidding!!! Reese turned 2 months old on June 2! That was coincidentally supposed to be my first day back to work and I was so sad that I was going to miss out on spending the day with her on her 2 month birthday. But as luck would have it I was cancelled!!!! Who cares about wasting my precious earned PTO. I got to spend the day with my 2 MONTH OLD!!! Why does 2 months sound so old? Well she is actually 10 weeks now! Goodness baby girl! SLOW DOWN!

But we are having such a blast with you as we watch you discover there is a world around you. You are starting to notice that there is stuff out there other than what is right in front of your face at the time!

You are still wearing a size 1 diaper, although I am thinking we will be moving on up to the size 2's when we have to buy the next box!

You are wearing mostly 3 month clothes. You can still wear you Gymboree 0-3 month stuff. But Carters, you are all in 3 month. And you even have a few 6 month outfits that work, but you have some room to grow into them a little more!

You weigh 12 lbs and 11 oz (90%)

You are 23 1/2 inches long (90%)

You received 2 injections and 1 oral vaccine at your 2 month check up. Mommy probably cried more than you did. You actually cried more with the oral one b/c you didn't like the taste of it and couldn't understand why the nice nurse kept forcing you to swallow. The first shot was easy peasy and I though "Oh she isn't even going to notice them!" And then the nurse told me the 2nd shot stings alot and sure enough you screeched really loud and got bright red! I swooped in and saved the day though and you pouted for a bit and then went back to smiling at any and everyone!

At 5 weeks reflux kicked in and we started axid twice a day. Well you outgrew your dose and I wasn't all impressed with it anyways so we switched to prevacid solutab every morning, and it seems to be doing the trick! In fact we haven't had ANY projectile vomits or screaming after feeds since we started it!

Speaking of feeds, when the reflux kicked in we started giving you bottles. It seemed I could never get you in a good enough sitting up position while nursing you. I could tell it was really hurting you when the milk ran back up. The bottles really helped you keep your food down so much better since we could pretty much have you sitting straight up. I try to nurse you every now and then, but it seems you are a bottle baby. Especially with me going back to work someone else is giving you 5 out of the 6 feeds you take a day. I have had some emotional difficulty with the bottles, but I have had to come to terms with that was the best decision for you at the time. I am just so lucky that you have had nothing but breastmilk since the day you were born! Thank the Lord your mommy is the Dairy Queen!

You take 6 feeds a day of 5 oz. Sometimes you require an extra oz though here and there! A lady at the airport said "What are you feeding her! That sister is plump!" And I wouldn't have it any other way!

You have started noticing the tv. You will crane your little neck all the way around just so you can get a glimpse of all those pretty lights and sounds.

You have started drooling too! We have had to start putting bibs on you. You are also blowing bubbles. Not really the whole raspberry sound yet, but you are definitely making bubbles somehow!

You have been smiling at us for awhile now, but we are starting to notice you smiling on your own alot more. You will be playing on your baby gym and we'll look over and there you are smiling up at all your little animal friends!

You are starting to lose the hair on the top of your head and you have the typical infant bald spot on the bottom of the back of your head. I am always wondering what your real hair is going to be like!

You have started dishing out the most precious one syllable laughs. I call them laughs but they are more like little shrieks! I can tell it is the start of a laugh though. When you get excited you let out a yell and then breathe really fast and kick your arms and legs so hard!

During your 2nd month I had my first Mother's Day! Thank you for making me a mother baby girl! I'm so proud to be YOUR MOMMY!

You met your Great Grampa when he came down to surprise us in St Louis for Auntie Babs graduation! We got a chance to take our 4 generation pic!

You LOVE the baby bjorn! You are now big enough to ride in it facing out and it is like it's a whole new world to you! You are always to calm and observant in it!

You sleep swaddled in your bassinette with a white noise sound machine.

You are now regularly sleeping through the night from about 10:30-7! Praise the Lord! I don't know what I would do if you still had your middle of the night feed since I have to wake up at 4:45 to get ready for work! You also slept in a crib for the first time in St. Louis. When I woke up you had shimmied yourself so that you were laying diagonal across the mattress. I would reach my hand in a pull you back to the middle each morning. I guess we should transition you to your crib soon, but I'm just not ready! I like seeing you at night sleeping next to me! But you only have about an inch on each side of the bassinette! Soon you won't fit!

You still love your soothie paci, but only take it during the day and at naptime.

You are really loving your baths! I finally figured out the right set up after many trial and error and screaming sessions. You prefer you baths in the kitchen sink, in your tub, and in your little sponge support thingy. You love them so much you even fall asleep in them!

You are starting to really "talk" to us! Your little coos are so sweet, and sometimes I really think we are having a conversation!

You rode on your first airplane to see Auntie Babs graduate from her diatetic internship! We had a 6:10 flight and you don't wake up normally until 7. You had a bottle right as we took off and sucked on your paci as we landed. You pretty much slept the whole flight! What a little traveler!

Your big brother Jack just LOVES you! He always seems to find where you are and will jump up and smell you and then lay his head on you. We've had to work on not walking across you though. Your other big brother Mr Lilly could care less about you at this point. He's like "Baby? What Baby? There is a baby here?"

You are still not a fan of tummy time. You will try it for a little bit and then just get defeated and lay your head down and scream. In fact, I think you are regressing a little bit in tummy time! You just don't want anything to do with it!

Once you've been on your tummy and you are upset, we turn you over and you are pretty much done at this point! The meltdown ensues and we have to scoop you up!

You wore your first swimsuit!!! I don't think it will fit much longer so I wanted to make sure we got some pics on it! I don't think you are quite ready for the pool yet. Maybe in a few more months when you are a bit older. There is nothing like a big ole baby belly poking out from a bikini though!

You still like to frog leg your legs. It's so cute the way they just fold up when you are laying on our chests!

You have so much personality!!! Sometimes you give us looks like you have a secret or something! You have the cutest expressions!

Looking at you just melts my heart! I never knew how much your heart grew once you have a baby. The love I feel for you is something fierce I have never felt before. I would do ANYTHING for your wellbeing, and I am constantly living to make your life the best it can be. Thank you God for choosing us to be your parents!

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