Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 3

I can get all kinds of important stuff like blogging done now that first birthday preparations are behind us! Especially since I had to call in sick again! So Tuesday night Tooter (I actually call her this more than Reese now!) went downhill. She cried sooooo much! She also started coughing and her nose turned into a faucet! I am starting to notice a trend with my child. Every single time she gets teeth, she gets soooo sick!

1st round brought her hand, foot, and mouth disease and the croup. 2nd round brought her a horrible URI, double ear infection, pink eye, and a stomach virus. Now round 3 has brought her a left ear infection, viral throat infection, and cough. It's so weird! It's like teething makes her physically sick! So the next two teeth broke through finally on Wednesday.

So anyways, on Tuesday which was day 3 at home all day we were getting a little stir crazy. I decided to to a quick Target run for some more children's tylenol and a new toy! I have had my eye on this little shopping cart with groceries for awhile and decided this was the perfect time to get it for her. She needed something new in her life at this point. She loved it! Especially the eggs!

So thank you Circo shopping cart for helping us survive day 3!

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