Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 months old=1 whole year of Reese!!!

Well I was going to take the chair pictures at some point this week, but somebody has been under the weather with an ear infection, high temps, and "pus and exudate" coming from her tonsils and throat! So needless to say, I don't think the photo shoot would be very successful, so here are my favorite pics from the past month!

Sweet girl you are one!!!! How did your first birthday get here so fast! I look at life last year at this time and think that we had NO IDEA what a gift we were receiving when we had you! It's hard to even put into words how amazingly wonderful the past year has been with you! You have completed our little family in the best way possible! There is no limit to the love we have for you! We love you!!!!!

weight: 20 lbs 12 oz (45%)

height: 29 7/8 inches (80%)

Head circ: 18 1/8 inches (75%)

diaper size: 3 (4 at night)

clothes size: all 12 month and some 12-18 month

teeth count: 4 (Next top two are on their way in per the pedi. Lord help us!)

You met your new BFF this month Matéa!!! You tried out all her paci's for her! We can't for fun playdates together in the future.

We took our playdate on the road and hit up the Dallas zoo! Everyone had a blast!

When you hear the front door open you immediately start calling for dada and get to him as fast as possible! This makes dada SOOOO happy!

You LOVE "helping" mommy with the dishwasher! Whenever you hear me open it up you race over and immediately start touching everything in it. I will leave some plastic spoons and bowls in the bottom and you will be busy for a LONG time arranging them over and over again.

You love to dance when you hear a good beat!

You are CURIOUS!!!! You love taking things in and out of bags, boxes etc.

We got you a swingset for your birthday and you love it as much as a one-year-old can! You always want to climb the slide and open the little playhouse door over and over again. I see us getting many summers of use out of this!

You still reddish hair is growing in more and it is starting to get CURLY!!!! Especially at the bottom right behind your ears. It is starting to flip out and it's so cute! Your eyes are definitly your daddy's color- a pretty brownish/greenish.

You sleep consistently from 7-7, and have EMBRACED your two naps a day. Thank you!!!! You are SUCH a good napper! You take 2 naps a day that each last 1.5-2.5 hrs each time! Now that the birthday craziness is over mommy is getting a chance to RELAX!!!

You know where your socks and shoes go and try to put them on yourself.

You started preschool this month!!!! After interviewing several places we settled on a part-time program at a wonderful school! This was both your daddy and I's first pick so it worked out! You are in a class with 8 other kiddos and go 2-3 days a week depending on my work schedule. Of course I had much anxiety the first week and only called a jillion times a day to check on you. They provided breakfast, lunch, and snacks there, so theoretically I wouldn't have to pack any food. But you are my picky eater and pretty much refuse anything you haven't had before, so to ease my mind I have been sending you with "back up food". You probably eat half their food and half the food I pack. But it sounds like you are getting better at eating their food as the weeks go by! The chef their makes it all homemade, so hopefully at some point you will be eating their food each day! We think this is going to be a great thing for you!

I have been signing a few signs to you since about 5 months. I am excited to say that you are starting to sign back to me! They do signing at preschool quite frequently and it's like you made the connection between my signs and their signs once you started preschool! You have been signing "more" to me during meal time! I was on the phone with your dad in the car telling him about it and I could see you sign "more" in the backseat every time I said it!

You are obsessed with your laundry basket when it is full of clothes. I'm not kidding, but you will sit there for 30 minutes just throwing the clothes around, taking them out, putting them back in, and the funniest is putting them on your head and then looking at me with a cheesy smile!

We dropped your daytime bottle right before preschool started. You now take milk in the morning and at night. You are offered 8 oz each time but usually take about 6. We weaned you off breastmilk the week before your birthday, by mixing whole milk with breastmilk and gradually increasing the amount of whole milk. You did great with the transition and I couldn't even tell if you noticed or not! So that means MOMMY IS DONE PUMPING!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I made it! I can't believe I pumped for a year!

You eat 3 solid meals each day with a few snacks mixed in. Your favorites this month were strawberries, clementines, chicken nuggets, yogurt, beans, peanut butter crackers, animal crackers, and spaghetti!

You like to just randomly blow LOUD raspberries!

You are FUNNY! You will constantly watch us to see if we think what you are doing is funny, and then we laugh you will scream and do it even more!

You have started to show an interest in baby dolls and stuffed animals. You like to hold them tight. If I say "Love your baby" or "Awwwwwww" you will give them hugs!

We haven broken out the new shorts and spent LOTS of time outside! You LOVE to be outside and we have really enjoyed being outside together! You inspect each and every thing you see!

We have made lots of house changes and moved a few rooms around. It just made sense to make a play room for you. Your old room was the obvious choice for the playroom size wise, so we moved your room to the guest room and had it painted light green and had a closet built. We moved the guest room upstairs. We painted the new playroom chocolate brown. We also had our dining room painted. After nearly 3 years here, it finally feels like all the space is being utilized to the best of it's ability! It really feels like home!

When I told the pedi what all you say, she was really impressed! Your vocabulary consists of mama, dada, cat(ca), dog(doh), Jack(Ja), duck(du), book(buh), ball(ba), go, and hi. You also have several sounds that you say ALL day long that are "uh" and "dyu." Who knows what they mean but you like to say them alot!

The big news this month was YOU WALKED!!!!! You have taken a few practice steps here and there but would always fall. This was the first time you actually walked several steps without falling! It was March 31, 2 days before your birthday. I was in the dining room working on birthday stuff and you were sitting on the floor playing. You screeched at me to look at you and there you were standing all by yourself! And then you just started walking to me so excited-like! I ran and got the video camera and you were holding on to the chair. You turned around and walked to me again and I got it on camera this time!!! I was so proud and happy that I got to see it! That night you walked for your daddy outside!

If I say "Can mama have a kiss?" you lean in to me with your slobbery mouth and give me a kiss right on the lips! I love it! You have also been making this funny smacking noise lately!

We can't wait to see what the next year brings!!! We are going to have a fun summer together!! You have such a sweet and happy heart and that makes us so happy and thankful. Every single day gets even better! You have made us the happiest we have ever been! I am so content with my sweet little family of 3!

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  1. What a joy she seems to be!! And so beautiful!!

    I still can't believe it's been a year since these girls came around. Crazy! It's been such a good time watching Miss Reese grow. Here's to year two!!