Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4

Day 4(yesterday) reached an all time level of survival mode. Reese pretty much cried and laid on me all day long. My heart broke watching her hurt so badly! We spent lots of time cuddled on the couch watching sesame street. I secretly loved the cuddling but felt so bad for her! I think God knew I needed some social interaction b/c on a whim I went outside to take her on a walk in her pink car and there was my neighbor with her daughter right in front of my house! I didn't even care that my outfit consisted of maternity leggings and a ratty maternity t-shirt. My hair hadn't been washed in days and I was going for comfort people! We did a lap together and that 15 minutes of chit-chat refreshed me in a way I didn't know was possible! Thank goodness Reese took a good nap that afternoon! She actually ate some dinner for the first time in days last night. She had 3 helpings of spaghetti which made this mama so happy! She signed more each time she finished each serving! After dinner I was racking my brain for stuff to do so I stripped her down and put a cup of water next to her and she went to town! Of course the mamarazzi was in full effect.

Here she is signing "more" to me after dumping out her water.

So then I got a wild hair and gave her a sucker! She LOVED it!

Don't let the following picture fool you. She is not excited to see me. She is excited b/c she spotted the lense cap on the couch and was racing over to steal it from me. :)

Below is who we refer to as "onesie head". Lately whenever Reese finds an article of clothing on the ground, she likes to put it on her head and then walk around. Goofy girl!

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  1. Her walking around with that onesie over her head is way too cute!! Hope she gets to feeling better soon!