Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reese's New Room!

Hi! Welcome to my new room! Mommy and Daddy thought my old room would make a better play room so we switched things up here!

This is my new table where I read and "work" on puzzles.

See my pretty green walls? That was mommy's idea! Daddy had to trust mommy, but he ended up liking how it turned out!

This is where we read and pull all the books off the shelf!

Hi again! Here are my shelves with all sorts of stuff I'm not supposed to touch!!!

Over there are my bows!

Now here is my new playroom! We just need to get different curtains b/c that is a whole lotta brown going on!

We got a great deal on this potter barn sleeper sofa from Craigslist! It is so comfy and now we have extra sleeping room for our peeps!

This is the best piece! It serves as a great entertainment center as well as keeper of all the toys!

Close up of this great Ikea find!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Her room is so cute! I hope she is starting to feel better and you're getting some rest too.

  2. By the way- where did you get her crib? I love it!