Monday, March 24, 2008

Less than 3 months!

So a couple things this past weekend made the fact that I'm getting married soon that much more real for me! I mean I have had it in my head for the past 9 months (since the day we got engaged) that I will have a husband come June, but it is really starting to sink in! And I couldn't be more excited!!!

Case in mom was on Spring Break all last week and we went to Northpark to do some shopping together! Our main goal was dresses. She already has her beautiful "mother of the bride" dress and a couple shower dresses, so we were mainly looking for me. Well after 9 stressful hours of trying on what felt like 100's of dresses we had success! We left with 4 dresses! Anthropologie and Black House/White Market are both a little richer now b/c of us. So now I have my bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and 2 shower dresses!!! I know it's just a dress but when I look at it I'm thinking "Oh my gosh that is the dress that I am going to be wearing to my rehearsal dinner!!!!" This excitement is just bursting inside me! I brought them all over to the fiance's and proceeded to take each one out and label it by name... "This is the "Sister Friend" shower dress, this is the "Lamplighter" shower dress, this is the bridal luncheon dress that the "Tiara's" are throwing me and the bridesmaids, and this is the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner dress!" Let me explain...

Sister Friends- my mom's wonderful co-workers @ Wood elementary
Lamplighter's- my parents Sunday School class that they have been involved in for 25+ yrs
Tiara's- group of my mom's friends who all have Korean adopted children (like my mom!) and get together frequently for weekend road trips and wine

Yes I am very blessed to have such involved parents whose friends never cease to amaze me with their generosity and selflessness! They have completely bombarded my mom asking to help with wedding stuff and planning! We are so thankful!

Anyways...fiance loved ALL the dresses and couldn't pick a favorite b/c he loved them all so much! I even found a cute shirt to wear for our engagement pics coming up next month (I know I'm a little late taking these but I didn't want wintery pics and I couldn't get my act together last summer after we got engaged!)

So another fun wedding thing this weekend was my registry! My mom had told me that I needed to for sure finalize everything and not change anything else since the "Lamplighter" invitations went out today! So Saturday night I go to look everything over. I'm perusing the Bed Bath and Beyond one and all of a sudden I see the word "fullfilled!" I screamed as a realized this was the first time something had been bought off of our registry!!! And it was the Kitchenaid Artisan 5 quart stand mixer I have been drooling over!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! And then I saw a 2nd "fulfilled" and it was our toaster!!!! Fiance was very excited too! Little moments like this just seem to make it that much more real! I can't wait for what's to come!

We had a great Easter! It seems like it was the first holiday that I didn't have to work the night before or the night of. It was really nice to not be thinking "Oh my gosh how am I going to work tonight on no sleep!". We went to church with my parents and then ate with them. Then met up with everybody on the Herrell side in Azle and ate some more!

Easter pics...

I got to see my 2 furry children! Mr. Lilly and Sierra are both staying with my parents during the house building processes. Much more room for them over there plus Lilly has several playmates over there. Had to do my motherly duties and clip Sierra's nails. She had "girlfriend" nails, they were soooo long! sidenote: no harm was done to Sierra during her nail trimmings, that is the only way to hold her so she'll stay still!
Well it is a beautiful day in Dallas today! When Andrew gets off work we are going for a bikeride!

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  1. Ahhh I can;t stand it.. y ou are beyond the moon with all the planning ans it s amazing how happy you sound just through your writing..!!! A bit jealous?..perhaps..but more than that supper uber excited for you and for whats to come in the up coming weeks for you and Andrew...