Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rainy Day

What a rainy day! I mean torential! I ventured out to run errands since I work the next 2 nights and got drenched!!! I have been debating adding Waterford to our registry for some time. I come from a mom who is obsessed with Waterford as well as all her friends! Holiday and birthday gifts with her and her friends frequently consist of a new Waterford piece. It is just so expensive though!!! I didn't think I could justify asking guests to spend that much! So I opted out of the Waterford. But I have been recently debating it again and have come up with a compromise. I LOVE the place settings we picked @ Crate and Barrel and they can totally be used for both every day and elegant meals. So I have decided I don't need fancy place settings. But I DO need fancy glasses to dress up the table! Sooooo....(I promise I'm getting to a point), I added the Lismore Nouveau iced beverage glasses!!!! I am very excited about them! I did most of my research online , so I went to Bed Bath and Beyond this morning to check out the real thing! Yup, still love 'em! Fiance approves too. I'm glad I changed my mind, b/c my 1st round of shower invites apparently go out next week! :)

Our Mexico trip for James and Nancy's wedding is 2 weeks from tomorrow!!! Hit up Target also this morning and was very impressed with the swimsuit selection so I got 3!!! Along with some cute beachy type dresses! We need a vacation so badly! Neither of us has taken any time off since last May so we would be able to afford to go!

The guestbook arrived and it's perfect! Just how I thought it would be! Alright, going to try to get some sleep before work!

Yay for monograms!

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