Saturday, March 8, 2008

Whirlwind Weather Week!

What a week in weather we had! I have always been obsessed with weather so the happenings this week were right up my alley. Monday night Maria and I had dinner at Cheesecake Factory to catch up on life and it snowed the whole time! Those big huge flakes too! I wished I had my camera, but Andrew had taken it to California with him. Then at work on Thursday night (between watching 6 episodes of Lost with Columbia...yea it was a slow night!) we realized it was snowing again! We ran out a little emergency exit door I never even knew we had and stood in a stairwell with a giant view of the dart rail and 75 and watched an amazing snow storm at 3 am! It was really fun until we started freezing and then realized we were locked in the stairwell! Thank goodness one of the techs heard us banging on the door! I came home the next morning to a winter wonderland!

Please excuse the post 12 hour work night hair!

Right now we have a patient whose husband works at Celebrity Bakery! Do you know what that means for us? It means cookies the first night, brownies and cinnamon rolls the next, and then last night muffins! It has been a very tasty week! I worked extra last night so hello bonus shift! Going shopping soon to start getting all my shower dresses since my showers start up next month!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!

Today is a lazy day b/c I am recovering from my 4 shifts this week and I am tired!

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  1. hey woman! yes i remember you! you are adorable! thanks for taking such great care of casey!!!