Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 month check up!

Reese had her 4 month check up today! It was an interesting morning as Reese decided she was ready for the day at 4 am!!! We had lots of ssshhhing and cuddling and rocking this morning. And then when it was really time to get up she was sound asleep! So there was much scrambling this morning in order to be able to be out the door by 8.

She is officially 15 lbs 4 oz (90%)

She is 25 1/2 inches long (90%)

Head circumference is 16 1/2 inches

She got 1 oral vaccine and 2 IM vaccines. She screamed a tiny bit and then was happy in my arms immediatly. Slept the whole way home.

We are going to wait until 6 months to start solids per Dr Burns recommendation since she is still only getting breastmilk.

Dr Burns was very impressed at her eating and my pumping! She said I may be able to back down a little bit and still have as much milk! We'll see!

We are going to continue the prevacid for now.

Our homework: more tummy time!!! Reese showed Dr Burns how much she hates it!

We go back in 2 months and will then get the green light for solids!

I'm sad today. My little baby is going to be going to daycare tomorrow!!! :( After literally almost a year of researching, discussing, praying, calling, searching, changing our minds, researching some more, looking at finances etc we have decided on a home daycare for Reese. We were all set to start Kids R Kids part time program but the school is not done being built and they quoted us the wrong price for a part time program. We could barely afford the initial price and definitely could not afford the higher price. So after many anxiety ridden days I felt a strong urge to check Craigslist one more time. I called what looked like a promising ad that day and the rest is history!!! The Lord always provides for us in what seems like the last minute. I'm sure it doesn't seem like the last minute to Him though! Reminds me of when I went to day shift at 36 weeks pregnant!!! I have spent a few days (and a few hours each day) there with Reese and am 100% confident that this is the right choice for us! We will be paying only the days we need instead of paying for a 3 day a week plan and not using all the days. She will get much more undivided attention as there will only be 3 kiddos total there to 2 adults! We LOVE Mrs. T so much already! I just know that Reese is going to do well there. But my heart still hurts and I have so much anxiety. I knew this day would come, but I will never be ready for it. It is very hard for me to not be with her all day. At least before she was with my mom when I couldn't be there. Thanks goodness I only work 3 days a week!!! I am praying that I calm down a little in the days to come once Reese starts going. I know she is going to do just fine. But what if she has a really fussy day? What if Mrs. T doesn't soothe her the way I do? What if Reese is confused about where Mommy is??? Oh I could play the what if game all day! I just need to have faith and pray that my baby has fun in this new environment. I would say I'm the most worried about nap time. It has taken us awhile to really get taking good naps down and now she's going to be thrown into a completely different nap environment. Like the neurotic person I am I went and bought a notebook and literally recorded every single little fact about Reese that I could think of. I'm know they would be fine without it, but it makes me feel better that they will have it to relate to! Oh pray that we both get through these next few day!!!!!

I went a little overboard preparing her for tomorrow. It's almost as if she's starting Kindergarten the way I'm acting! I got duplicates of all her favorite toys to keep over there. I filled a tote with diapers, wipes, fun toys, paci's, desitin etc. to keep over there. We also have her daycare bag which will go back and forth. In that we will keep her changes of clothes, bibs, sleep sack, any meds. I also got this awesome bottle bag that holds 4 bottles! Tonight I'll pack up her lunch (ha!) and probably cry a little! I feel like I need to dress her up and take her picture by the front door like my mom did when we were little on our first day of school! Andrew will be taking her/picking her up since I have to leave the house by 6 to get to work and don't get home until after 8! I don't know if I'm happy or sad about this. I need to get a grip! And breathe....


Ok I'm better now. Maybe. Just needed to get all that out! When she wakes up from her nap she is going to get a million bajillion kisses from me the rest of the day!

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  1. Glad you stopped by my blog! It seems your daughter is one day older than mine! (Yes, I went back on your page to look!!) You have a doll there. Hope things are going well with the sitter. It is the hardest thing to leave them with someone else. I lost it when I took mine for the first time, but now she seems to love it.