Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day in the Life of Reese!

I thought it would be really fun to document a typical day with Reese! I did this at 6 weeks in her baby book and went back and read it and so much has changed in her daily routine! So here is a random Tuesday with Reese and me...complete with pictures! And for the 2 people that probably read this blog, I apologize if this is boring!

6:30- Andrew gets up for work and I reach over and pop Reese's morning prevacid into her mouth. She usually stays asleep for this if I pop her paci in right after. She slept really good last night and I only had to give her her paci like twice! We both doze for 30 more minutes.

7:00- Rise and shine! Reese talks and plays with her feet in her crib for a few minutes while I warm her bottle. She gets a diaper change and then inhales her bottle. We sit and "talk" for a few minutes.

7:15- Reese plays in her bouncy while I sit on the ground next to her and pump while eating my breakfast of coffee, cereal, and yogurt.

7:40- Reese plays in her exersaucer while I wash bottles, pump parts etc.

8:00- I get her dressed for the day and we head out on a walk around our neighborhood. This is the best time to go b/c it's so stinkin hot in Texas right now!

8:15- Reese doesn't even make it one lap around our circle before falling asleep. So we head back and I tuck her in for her morning nap. During her nap I get a quick shower and get ready for the day.

9:00- Looks like we have a fussy baby! She does NOT want to sleep any more. We play the paci game for a bit and she begins to really get mad. Normally she sleeps until 10ish for this nap.

9:10- I try everything I can think of and then quickly warm a bottle which she GULPS down! Hello 4 month growth spurt!

9:20- Reese gets a diaper change and I bring the bouncy into the bathroom and she sits and plays while I finish getting ready. I know she is still probably tired but it will be pretty hard to get her to finish her nap. Oh well. If there is one thing I've learned it's that you have got to be flexible!

9:30- We head out to run a few errands before it gets too hot! It's already in the 90's! We hit up Hobby Lobby and CVS. Reese is a rockstar on outings! She starts rubbing her eyes after we leave CVS so I decide to skip the remaining 2 errands and head home for another nap.

10:45- We arrive back home and Reese goes down immediately for a nap. I take this opportunity to pump and have a snack.
11:10- She's still asleep! So I run to the car to bring in our stuff from our errands, wash bottles, make and eat lunch and watch a little tv.

11:45- Somebody's awake! We sit and watch the squirrels with the boys while the bottle warms.

12:00- Reese has her bottle.

12:15- We practice supported sitting and look at some books.

12:30- We run up to Walgreens to pick up some photos and go gas up the Sequoia.

12:45- Back at home. Reese jumps in her jumparoo for a bit.

12:55- Time for an outfit change. She is such a drooly girl lately and I forgot to put a bib on her earlier. I let her roll around in her diaper for a bit. We practice a little tummy time too.

This is what she does when she is DONE with tummy time. She gets so defeated and just puts plants her face straight down on the floor.

1:25- I put her in her sleep sack in preparation for her afternoon nap. She sits in her bouncy and watches her baby einstein. I pump again and watch in amazement as she takes her paci out of her mouth and PUTS IT BACK IN HER MOUTH!!!!! I'm so proud! She is a GENIOUS!!!

1:50- Reese's eyes are glazed over when baby einstein ends so I scoop her up and place her in her bassinette for her afternoon nap. She doesn't even make a peep! I get to work on a fun project I have been meaning to work on and am so proud when it turns out better than I imagined! It's a sweet sillhouette of our sweet girl!

2:30- After I finish my project Reese is still sound asleep! So I settle in on the chaise lounge and eat a snack while watching an episode of Boston Med online. I am crying 5 minutes into the episode! This is such a good show!

3:10- Still asleep! So I dare to start a 2nd episode of Boston Med!

3:30- 1/2 through the episode I hear her cry! She is ready for her bottle! I quick heat it up and run and grab her just in time before a massive melt down!

Happy after her bottle...

3:40- Reese sits in her bouncy and plays with her empty bottle for a good 20 minutes!

4:00- The much anticipated blowout of the day has finally arrived. We go for a diaper change.

4:05- Reese sits in her exersaucer and plays while watching her baby einstein. This give me a chance to pump.
4:30- We usually both get kind of crazy by this point in the day. So I strap her in her baby bjorn (her happy place) and we go wash bottles together. She loves to watch me do this. We also decide to make all the bottles for the next day since I will be at work and Nanny will be here.
4:50- We go outside to get the mail and water the plants. We aren't out very long b/c it is sooo H-O-T! I'm telling you, any type of diversional activities during this time of the day are much needed! Her attention span starts getting very short!

4:55- I take a chance and put her in her swing for a bit to change things up. She LOVES it! And ends up swinging while inspecting her paci for a good 25 minutes!

5:20- She falls asleep while swinging so I scoop my little puddin' pop up and give her a good cuddle. She sleeps on me for 30 minutes!!! I treasure every single second of our cuddle time.

5:50- She's awake and SOOOO happy!!! We play on the couch together for a bit.

6:00- Time to change things up again. Down to the playmat we go.

6:15- We go sit out back in the shade for a bit and talk about all the things we see outside. I can't wait for it to cool off b/c this girl LOVES to be outside.

6:30- Time for another bottle.

6:40- It's cooled off a little bit so we head outside for a walk around our circle. We talk to one of our neighbors for a bit. She can't believe how big Reese has gotten! On our way back to the house Daddy drives up!!! We speed home to go see him!

7:00- Andrew plays with Reese while she's in the jumparoo. I pump and watch them.

7:30- It's bath day! She takes a nice loooong bath. She is really loving her bath's these days. She is starting to splash the water and suck on the washcloths.

Nothin' better than a squeeky clean baby!

7:55- We lotion her up, brush her hair, and get her ready for bed. She has fun pulling Daddy's hair!!!

8:00- We read a few books and she quickly decides she is done with the day but not quite ready to fall asleep yet. This is when we all go into survival mode.

8:10- We put on the ever faithful baby einstein dvd and she immediately calms down and watches it without hardly blinking while sucking on her paci.

8:20- She's asleep! We scoop her up and put her in her bassinette. We turn her sound machine on and point the camera towards her and close our door. I get busy preparing dinner. We are having chicken caesar pitas, pasta salad, and fruit.

8:30- We watch our dvr'd shows and eat dinner on the couch and talk about our days.

9:15- We clean up the kitchen together. I wash more bottles and pump parts. I make a few more bottles for tomorrow and freeze the rest of the milk from the day. Then we go get ready for bed.

9:50- We watch a little more tv while I pump one last time

10:00- We go get the little dear out of her bed for her sleep feed. This ensures that she sleeps through the night. There is no WAY she can go 12 hrs without eating. She doesn't even wake up and downs 6 oz easily.

10:20- Reese is back in her bed without a peep. Our eyes are closed before our heads even hit the pillow! We say a prayer and are whisked away to dreamland! Goodnight!


  1. Lordy Lord...lots going on with baby Reese. Emily you seem to have this down pact..I am just amazed of how well you have everything timed out and how you come up with different ways to make sure Reese is comfy and well taken care and to have energy to still make a fantastic dinner for Andrew...Amazing!
    By no means was this boring, for me at least its something to really look forward to one day... droll and dirty diapers..bring it on! I cant wait till that day comes!

    Be proud!

  2. Girl! I FEEL YOU! Just wait til she's mobile! It gets really interesting trying to come up with activities when all she wants to play with are things she can't touch (like the fireplace tools, the fireplace, um...the fireplace, cords, lamps, the dogs toys, the fireplace, dirty shoes, the fire place, more cords...oh and the fireplace!). Reese is a doll. I love those big mouth grins!