Monday, August 2, 2010

4 Months!

I seriously blinked and another month flew by! Reese is 4 months old today!!! Her monthly pictures are getting harder to capture b/c she is so much more aware of what is going on these days!

Reese by our scale at home you weigh in at 16 lbs!!! I'm pretty sure you are off the charts! We will see at your 4 month appt in 2 weeks.

You wear 3-6 month clothes.

You wear a size 2 diaper.

Your big milestone this month was your first laugh! It was on July 4 in front of a big audience at a pool party! You sure do love to put on a show! I'm pretty sure I cried right then and there in front of everyone! Your laugh is music to my ears. You are very selective about it though. We only hear it a few times a week. I have to something really silly or kiss your neck ALOT to get you to do it!

You are so close to being able to roll from back to front. You get about half way and then are stuck and don't quite know what to do. I'm thinking you will do your first roll very soon!

We tried dropping your 10 pm feed at the beginning of this month, and it just didn't work well for you. I honestly wasn't really comfortable with it anyways. You woke up at 5 am STARVING!!! But now we lay you down at about 8:30 and wake you up at 10 for a "sleep feed" and it has worked really well. Sometimes you take 3 oz at that feed and sometimes you gulp down 6! We never really know! You pretty much stay asleep through this feed, and then are up at 7 for your first bottle. You are taking between 5 and 6 oz of mommy's milk every 3-4 hrs. Some days you end up getting 5 bottles and some days it's 6. Still on the prevacid. I don't know if you have outgrown the reflux or if the medicine is continuing to keep it at bay. Either way I am too scared to stop giving it to you. We will ask Dr Burns in 2 weeks.

We kicked the swaddle to the curb this month! You were busting out and waking yourself up halfway through the night, so I spent a day researching the transition to unswaddling. At 14 weeks we started putting you to sleep with your arms out and you loved sleeping with your arms thrown back over your head. Then we moved to a sleep sack. By 15 weeks you were sleeping through the night completely unswaddled! Your night time rest is so much better unswaddled! We put you in the sleep sack during the day b/c I think you sleep much better all cozy. During the night you wear a sleeper and during the day I mostly have you in onesies and little bubble suits so your legs get cold during your naps without the sleep sack!

You had your first babysitter at 14 weeks. I had a hair appt that I was in desperate need of, so I asked Aunt Kelly if she would like to come play with you. She couldn't wait! Well apparently when you woke up with your nap you were pretty mad that I wasn't there and refused your bottle! Like you completely skipped one of your feeds and SCREAMED!!! You have never skipped a feed before! Thank goodness you decided you would like to have your next feed for Aunt Kelly. I felt so bad! I guess you realized either you ate with her or you didn't eat at all! When I got home you were having fun playing on your play mat with Aunt Kelly!

At 15 weeks you had your first playdate! We met Jenny, Kaitlin, and Avery up at the mall for some lunch, playtime, and strolling! You seemed to really enjoy being out and about with the girls!

You visited the lake for the first time when you were 16 weeks! Daddy would love it if you grew up loving the lake like he does! He would live there in a heartbeat if we could!

Pretty much everything goes in your mouth these days. You are learning so much about how all your toys feel and taste!

You are going to have to start daycare in 2 weeks a few days a week since Nanny has to go back to work. I know she has really enjoyed spending the summer with you! We found a really great place that is being built about 5 minutes from us and it will be opening the week you will be starting! I am praying that you love "school" and have lots of fun with new friends and new toys. Thank goodness you only have to go a few days a week though. Daddy will be taking you and picking you up b/c of my long work day. They close before I even get off!

You usually take 2 good naps each day with 1 or 2 cat naps thrown in.

Bath times continues to be a favorite time for you. You are starting to splash a little bit with your hands. We have lots of fun bath toys that we are just waiting to get out!
You are starting to grow hair!!! You still have the precious bald spot on the back, but the top of your hair is really coming in! It's so sweet and puffy right after your bath!

You have several happy places...the baby bjorn and the exersaucer are favorites of yours!

You LOVE the Baby Einstein video Baby Bach. If you are fussy and it is nap time I will put you in your sleep sack give you your paci and put you in your bouncy in front of your video. You will immediately calm down and stare in wonder at your video! And then take a nice looong nap!

We figured out what the 8 pm screaming wanted to be put to sleep! One day I just laid you in your bed and that was what you wanted! I guess we were just keeping you up b/c we thought your crying meant something else. We are always learning.

You have REALLY found your voice this month little girl! You are starting to really screech with delight when you are happy!
Your eyes are still that dark blue color, but I think they are starting to get a hazelish tint to them like you dad!

We got out the jumparoo and you absolutely love it! Your brother likes to sit underneath it and watch you bounce! This is another new happy place!

This month you have taken an interest in your books. I have always been reading to you but with not much reaction from you. Now it seems you like to listen more and look at all the pages We have some tiny books that are just perfect for your little hands to hold!

The NUK paci's are your favorite now. We never go anywhere without a small army of them. You like them when you nap and at night.

Just when I think it's not possible to love you even more...I DO!!! Thank you again for another wonderful month with you baby girl! I thank God every night for you and can't imagine what we would do without you. You bring such a joy and happiness to our home that I am so thankful for. Your daddy and I are so excited to see what you do next!

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  1. Oh my has she grown.. and reading about how she's reaching each milestone is so sweet.