Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Time

Auntie Babs was in town for a conference at the beginning of last week and spent Thursday-Saturday with us! Nanny and Grampa came Thursday night and spent all day Saturday here too! They missed Reese sooooo much. They have been so busy with the school year starting back up! Abby, Reese, and I had a fun few days! We played, went out to lunch, shopped, and got pedicures! We celebrated our Family Day on Thursday even though it is really today. Abby came from Korea 24 yrs ago today! My parents brought over a bunch of food from Corner Bakery for Thursday night. I had to work on Saturday so they spent the day with Andrew and Reese. They even came up to my work to surprise me! Saturday night I came home from work to a dinner of barbeque chicken, macaroni salad, and corn on the cob! My dishwasher had also been emptied! My family is soooo good to me!

I have been feeling overwhelmed the last few weeks and I know why! When my mom was here on the days I worked she helped out sooo much! From cooking dinner to washing Reese's clothes she had it all covered! It was so nice while it lasted but I guess reality had to hit sooner or later! :)

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