Monday, August 30, 2010

The Great Crib Transition

Like most big decisions around here I decided out of the blue last Tuesday night that that would be the night Reese would start sleeping in her crib. I wasn't working the next 3 days so I knew if it didn't go well at least I wouldn't have to work the next morning. It was time. Unless we were going to be cutting holes in the bassinette for her arms and legs to fit, Reese needed a bigger sleeping space!!!! I have so loved having her in our room though for the past almost 5 months!!!! I loved waking up at night and seeing my sweet little baby sound asleep right next to me!

She hasn't been sleeping so well and I knew it had to do with....
  1. not having enough room
  2. hearing the cats yowl nonstop at night
  3. hearing us get ready in the morning
wittle bitty 8 week old

big girl almost 5 months old!

So we got her room all ready for her. It's funny I stressed out soooo much about the nursery being perfect for her and she hadn't spent one night in it until now! I will be so much more relaxed about the nursery for the next baby! We put a clean sheet in the crib since the cats seem to think that is their bed, moved her sound machine to her room, set up the camera, and set up her fun new crib toy! We did our normal bedtime routine of bottle, bath, books, and rocking and laid her in her crib with her rainforest toy on. She watched it for awhile and then fell asleep! Simple as that! Slept most of the night too! I think I went in there like twice to help her locate her paci. I think she appreciated being able to stretch out more. It's been 5 nights in the crib now. We've only had 1 night where we played the paci game like 50 times. The past 2 nights she hasn't even woken up AT ALL!!! Of course I panic and stare at her on the camera and there she is sleeping very peacefully. I'm so thankful she's getting good rest at night! It really makes the days so much more happier for her!

Night one in the crib...all ready for bed!

Getting very sleepy

Watching her toy before nap time.

We have to be very careful and always remember to shut her door. We have some sweet cats who just want to LOVE ON HER ALL THE TIME!!! The picture above was at the end of nap time one day. I left the door ajar b/c I knew she'd be getting up soon and wanted to make sure I heard her. Well I went back in a few minutes later and there was Jack standing guard on the side of the crib! They like to creep in at night when I go peek at her. I have to do a cat count when I leave the room and make sure everybody is outta there!

So like most transitions Reese took to this one very smoothly! I'm so proud of my big girl sleeping in her big girl crib! I miss her in our room, but I have to admit it's nice to not have to creep around when we get ready in the morning!

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