Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby's First SNOW!

It has been a chaotic week here at our house! We found out due to insurance purposes we would have to get our hardwoods replaced STAT. We had some water damage before Christmas. We were hoping to salvage the floors we picked out when building the house, but sadly found out we had to replace the whole thing. They are just floors though. So in like 2 nights we had to completely clear out everything from the downstairs. Oh and completely take down Christmas!

Our floors went from this...

to this...

to this!

Now we are just trying to figure out when to get them stained. It's looking like we are going to have to stay in a hotel for that part since the fumes are not safe for a baby! Ay yi yi!

We had a nice weekend together. We cleaned up all the dust in our bare living room, and Reese helped us pick out stain.

On Sunday we had a quick outing before the snow started to fall! We had lunch at Pei Wei and then enjoyed some Yogurtland while watching the flurries really start to come down! Reese loved the cheesecake yogurt just like her mama and had many "tastes". We made it home just in time to bundle up and enjoy the first snow in Texas in 2011.

We started to notice some yucky junk in her R eye and it got redder and redder as the day went on! I called the pedi and they said it sounded like pink eye. They called us in some eye drops, but the only thing was the roads were iced over and the pharmacy by our house was closed already with it being a Sunday. Plus she was already asleep, so we opted to wait until this morning.

We had to skip daycare today so I had to call in. This morning her whole eye was FULL of junk and almost sealed shut! I had to use warm washclothes to get all the stuff out and then we were able to put the drops in. Thank goodness it is starting to look better. She looks so pitiful, but has been playing and having a GREAT day! She is going to have a daddy/daughter day tomorrow so mommy can work!

She and Jack enjoyed looking at the snow through the back window.

I love this girl so much!

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