Thursday, January 6, 2011

NYE 2010

We started off our New Years by meeting up with Erin and Dege! My mom had spent the night the night before so Andrew and I could have a fun date night (Gloria's, Gymboree sale, and Little Fockers). So the 3 of us girls headed to the Big D to meet up with Erin and Dege at Cafe Brazil. We were laughing in the below picture b/c Reese would not quit staring at Erin and then she kept rubbing her forehead on her. It was so random and funny! That's why her hat is all askew!

Reese was a WILD WOMAN at lunch! Somehow we survived 2 hrs at the table though!

We headed back home and watched Reese practice her crawling skills some more! She had crawled for the first time the day before and we had so much fun watching her try some more!

And she's off!

Get it girl!

She got her shoe!

Then she played with her laugh and learn door that she loves so much. Look at that chubby baby!

We got out some fun party stuff to put on her and she HAMMED it up for the camera!

This face cracks me up!

sidenote: I blew one of those party horns for her and she laughed harder than I have ever seen her laugh in her entire life! We were cracking up!!! Thankfully we caught it on video!

My sweet girl did something she hasn't done in awhile. She fell asleep on me! These days she is far too busy to fall asleep on mommy any more. Oh I savored it!!!!

After we tucked little girl in bed, I got to try out my new rice cooker I got for Christmas! You know you are getting old when a rice cooker excites you! I made delicious crawfish rice and peanut butter bars and we ate a great dinner while watching The Town. I had to be up at 5 am to go to work so I didn't even make it close to midnight! I actually haven't stayed up until midnight since I had Reese!

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  1. Thanks for making us one of your first meals of 2011! We hope to see you in again soon!