Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Look Back at 2010

January began with 2 crazy kids about to embark on the most exciting journey of their lives! There were showers being planned, a growing belly, cravings consisting of fruity pebbles and chocolate hostess donettes, and the first of many hair bow orders off Etsy!

February brought the CRAZY blizzard of 2010, the Vancouver Olympics, CRAZY contractions, a triage visit, and bedrest filled with lots of movies and internet shopping with the kitties.

March was full of more baby showers, completing a nursery, DAYSHIFT!!!, lots of cleaning, washing tiny baby girl clothes, and more contractions!

On the 2nd day of April we were forever changed by the birth of the most precious gift, Reese Elizabeth. That month is a blur filled with late night feedings, sleepless nights, reflux, but the most joyful feeling I have ever felt in my life. We even squeezed in Andrew and I's birthdays!

May kicked off with Megan's wedding and ended with a first plane ride to Auntie Babs internship in St Louis. I also was honored to celebrate my first mother's day.

June was highlighted by a first road to San Antonio to celebrate our 2 yr wedding anniversary and Fathers Day, first time to swim, mommy going back to work, and Reese meeting her great Grandmother.

July involved a fun filled trip to the lake, a 4th of July party for our little firecracker, and a first playdate to the mall.

August included trips to the pool, our baby starting an in-home daycare which ended up being one of the biggest blessings in our lives, Reese's first movie at the drive in, and a first night in the crib!

In September we took the littlest Ranger's Fan to her 1st of 3 games and Reese sat up for the first time! We also enjoyed some more playdates!

In October Reese celebrated her 1/2 birthday and enjoyed her first trip to the zoo, 1st Halloween, and tried rice cereal!

We were abundantly blessed in November and hosted our first playdate and celebrated Thanksgiving multiple times with all the family. Oh and let's not forget our experience with hand, foot, and mouth disease!

We ended up the year with a magical December. We saw the lights on the tree and Santa through Reese's eyes. We enjoyed a first trip to Six Flags for Holiday in the park!

2011 I don't know how you can possibly beat 2010, but somehow I think you will!!!

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  1. Hasn't this year been the best yet?! I've had fun this year watching Reese grow along with my little one. I have a feeling these two will bring us so much joy in 2011!